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Box 27

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series VII. Balkans

Box 27.

Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
Fighting in Croatia Marks 14th Cease-Fire Agreement News Article b-1-27
War-Tom Yugoslavia News Article b-2-27
Air Attacks Widen as Yugoslavs Pound Croatia News Article b-3-27
Serbs Close to Winning Fight for Two Key Croatian Cities News Article b-4-27
n Defiant Dubrovnik, "Only Hours to Live News Article b-5-27
Yugoslav Army, Croats Increase Military Attacks News Article b-6-27
Dubrovnik: Beauty Under Siege News Article b-7-27
Sanctions on the Serbs News Article b-8-27
Bush Backs Yugoslav Sanctions: U.S. Will also Seek Oil Embargo at U.N. News Article b-9-27
Serbians Change Course, Seek UN Force in Croatia News Article b-l0-27
EC Imposes Trade Sanctions on Yugoslavia News Article b-11-27
Fighting Rages in Croatia as EC Makes Peace Bid: Dubrovnik Officials, Army Agree to Truce News Article b-12-27
Serbs Have Nearly Pried Vukovar Loose from Croatian Forces' Shattered Grasp News Article b-13-27
Organist Strikes Chord of Croatian Independence News Articles b-14-27
Photographer Backs Down from Report that Croatians Massacred Children News Article b-15-27
Serbia Calls in Saatchi to Impose its Image News Article b-16-27
Helen Delich Bentley - Member of Congress: Serbs Paid Heavily News Article b-17-27
UNESCO to Send Permanent Observers to Dubrovnik News Article b-18-27
14th Cease-Fire is More Successful: But Shelling Occurs at 2 Croatian City News Article b-19-27
Canadian Defends Support for Private Croatian Army: Donations Used for Clothes and Food, Not Weapons News Articles b-20-27
Croatian Extremists Rising as War Goes On; Europe Stays on Sidelines News Article b-21-27
Austrian Jews Fear Revival of Anti-Semitism in Croatia News Article b-22-27
Ethnic Conflict in Yugoslavia Tearing Apart its Army, Too News Articles b-23-27
Serbs, Croats and Unhealed Wounds News Article b-24-27
Serbs Block Vote on Independence in Ethnic Albanian Kosovo Province News Article b-25-27
H. Res. 213: A Bill Expressing the Sense of the House of Representatives Relating to the Support of International Efforts to Bring About a Democratic Reform in Yugoslavia Through Peaceful and Equitable Means Resolution b-26-27
S. 1737: A Bill to Prohibit the Import from Yugoslavia of Defense Articles on the United States Munitions List, Bill b-27-27
S. Res. 176: To Condemn the Violence in Yugoslavia and Support of European Community Bill b-28-27
H. Con. Res. 205: Urging All Parties in Yugoslavia to Cease Further Use of Force and Engage Fully and in Good Faith in Negotiations on the Future of Yugoslavia Resolution b-29-27
H. Con. Res. 211: To Call on the President to Take All Available Actions to Encourage a Lasting Cease-fire in Yugoslavia and the Initiation of Negotiations for the Long-term Resolution of the Conflict in Yugoslavia Bill b-30-27
H. Con. Res. 217: Urging Support of All Parties to Continue in Current Ceasefire Resolution b-31-27
S. Res. 193: Expressing Support for a Just Peace in Yugoslavia Resolution b-32-27
H.R.3518: To Restrict United States Assistance for Serbia or Any Part of Yugoslavia Controlled by Serbia Until Certain Conditions Are Met, and for Other Purposes Bill b-33-27
Partisan Warfare: 1941-1945. by Nigel Thomas and Peter Abbott Report b-34-27
An Explanation of Recent Actions Regarding Yugoslavia in the U.S. House of Representatives by the Honorable Helen Delich Bentley Remarks b-35-27
Milan Panic News Articles b-36-27
Rep. James Sensenbrenner News Article, Letter b-37-27
U.S. Recognition of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina News Article, Letter b-38-27
Is Milan Panic a Ray of Hope? News Article b-39-27
Hitting the (Milan) Panic Button: Bush-Baker's Stratagem for Non-Intervention in Bosnia? Press Release b-40-27
Violence Flares as EC Recognizes Bosnia News Article b-41-27
H. Res. 237: Regarding the Crisis in Yugoslavia Resolution b-42-27
Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing: The Situation in Bosnia and Appropriate U.S. and Western Response Report, Letter, Bill b-43-27
Amnesty International: Federal Republic of Yugoslavia - International Monitoring of Kosovo and Beyond Report b-44-27
Amnesty International: Bosnia-Herzegovina - Gross Abuses of Basic Human Rights Report b-45-27
Amnesty International: Bosnia-Herzegovina - A Wound to the Soul Report b-46-27
Amnesty International USA - An Introduction Report b-47-27
Amnesty International: From Nuremberg to the Balkans: Seeking Justice and Fairness in The International War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia Report b-48-27
Interim Report of the Commission of Experts Established Pursuant to Security Council Resolution 780 (1992) Reports b-49-27
The Situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina Report b-50-27
UN Security Council: Notes By the President to the Security Council Notes b-5 1 -27
CRS Report to Congress: Yugoslavia - UN Security Council Resolutions Texts and Votes -- 1991-1992 Report b-52-27
Crown Prince Alexander Memo, Letter b-53-27
American Embassy - Yugoslavia Letter b-54-27
Anti-Semitism: Eastern Europe Reports, News Article b-55-27
Concern in Yugoslavia Over Anti-Semitism: by Milan Andrejevich News Report b-56-27
Atrocities Against Serbs in Bosnia News Articles, Reports b-57-27
Army Releases Bosnian Leader; Retreating Troops Are Attacked News Article b-58-27
Atrocities Against Serbs in Croatia News Articles b-59-27
Interview with Bishop Lukijan of Siavonija Interview b-60-27
In Search of Truth of the Vukovar Children's Massacre Report b-61-27
Meeting with Borisav Jovic, Chairman of the State Committee for the Implementation of the UN Peace Plan in Yugoslavia Notes, Report b-62-27
Serbian Orthodox Bishop of Zahum-Hercegovina: A Report of the Eye-Witnesses on Suffering (Extermination) of the Serbian People of Bradina in Hercegovina Report b-63-27
Evidence in Massacre Points to Croats News Article b-64-27
Letter to U.S. Government Officials re: Atrocity Committed Against Serbs by Croats in Karlovac Letter b-65-27
Suffering of the Serbian Orthodox Church on the Territories of the Republic of Croatia:    
1990-1991 Report b-66-27
List of Damaged and Destroyed Orthodox and Other Cultural Monuments at the Administrative Territory of Croatia Report b-67-27
Belgrade Poses a Catch-22 Dilemma for UN News Article b-68-27
Yugoslavia: The Third Way - National Reconciliation Needs to be Put Back on the Agenda, Says Nora Beloff News Article b-69-27
Swedes Take Refugees from Hell News Article b-70-27
Sanctions in Former Yugoslavia News Articles, Reports b-71-27
Notes re: Republic of Croatia Notes, News Articles, Reports b-72-27
Ethnic Cleansing News Article b-73-27
Quiet Voices in the Balkans News Article b-74-27
CNN Crossfire: Reporting Under Siege? Transcript b-75-27
Images of War: Balkan Nightmare News Article b-76-27
International Committee of the Red Cross: Bosnia-Herzegovina: Manjaca Camp Closed Down Press Release b-77-27
Stage is Set for Expanded Intervention: The Bombing Over Gorzade Could be a Bump on the Road to Peace, But More Likely Signals a Wider War Against Serbs News Article b-78-27
War Propagandists for Hire: Croatia, Bosnia Use Western Public Relations Firms to Win Support News Article b-79-27
Exterminations at Auschwitz? Nothing but Exaggerations. So Says the Croat Tudjman. by Luigi Ippolito Report b-80-27
Balkan Death Trap: Scenes from a Futile War. by Tony Horwitz News Report b-81-27
Where Have All the Doves Gone? News Article b-82-27
The Little Town That Profits From War News Article b-83-27
Shrink Bosnia To Save It News Article b-84-27
TVO Looks At Serbia's Side Of The Conflict News Articles b-85-27
Bosnia: Filibuster Here, Terror There News Article b-86-27
Warlords Rule In A Hobbesian World News Article b-87-27
Operation Balkan Storm: Robert Fox Unveils The NATO Military Plan To Invade Bosnia: It Only Awaits The Politician's Approval News Article b-88-27
Muslim Neighbors Rape Serb: Rights Groups Blame Serb Fighters for Most Systematic Rape News Article b-89-27
Rape in the Former Yugoslavia - 1993 News Articles, Reports b-90-27
Concentration Camps for Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina Report b-91-27
UN Report on Vehicles / Communications in Bosnia Report b-92-27
Agence France Presse - Misc. News Articles News Articles b-93-27
SerbNet Ad: President Bush, Governor Clinton: Why Take Sides in a Civil War? Instead, Be the Peacemaker in Bosnia News Ad b-94-27
Over the Barrel in Yugoslavia News Article b-95-27
Further Report of the Secretary-General Pursuant to Security Council Resolutions 757(1992), 758 (1992), and 761 (1992) Report b-96-27
ecurity Council Declares That "Conditions Do Not Yet Exist for UN to Supervise Heavy Weapons in Bosnia and Herzegovina Report b-97-27
Security Council Agrees in Principle to UNPROFOR Supervision of Heavy Weapons of Parities to Conflict in Bosnia and Hercegovina Press Release b-98-27
Senate Res. 213: Expressing the Sense of the Senate Regarding United States Policy Toward Yugoslavia Bill b-99-27
Report of the Secretary-General on the Situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina Report b-100-27
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: Crimes Against Ethnic Serbian Civilians in Bosnia-Herzegovina Report b-101-27
White House Briefing: Central and Eastern European-American Leaders Report b-102-27
Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Yugoslavs Memos, Reports b-103-27
Regular State Department Briefing re: Yugoslavia Transcript b-104-27
Shared Suffering Breeds Solidarity, Defiance in Sarajevo News Article b-105-27
Some Say Bosnia Fight Not Ethnic: To Sarajevo's Polyglot Elite, It's the War of the Rural Uncultured News Article b-106-27
Amnesty International: Yugoslavia - Further Reports of Torture and Deliberate and Arbitrary Killings in War Zones Report b-107-27
Helsinki Watch to Pres. Milosevic of Serbia re: Bosnian Conflict Letter, Report b-108-27
Helsinki Watch to Pres. Tudjman of Croatia re: Bosnian Conflict Letter, Report b-109-27
U.S. Assistance to the Baltic Republics Report b-110-27
U.S. Assistance to Central and Eastern Europe Report b-111-27
State Department Briefing: US/EC Declaration on the Recognition of the Yugoslav Republics Press Release b-112-27
Yugoslavia: A Fractured Nation: Growing Strife May Break Up Yugoslavia News Article b-113-27
Croatian Death Pit: Newly Discovered Mass Grave Revives Old Feuds News Article b-114-27
Albanians Rally, Demonstrate Against Serbs and Vice Versa News Article b-115-27
When the Center No Longer Can Hold: A Warning to Gorbachev: Giving More Power to the People May Only Help Tear a Divided Nation Apart News Article b-116-27
Communists From Slovenia Walk Out of Party Congress News Article b-117-27
Yugoslavia Unable to Stem Ethnic Fury That Leaves 21 Dead News Article b-118-27
Yugoslav Communists Reflect Divided Nation News Article b-119-27
Agitation in the Balkans News Article b-120-27
Voting for a Change: Eastern Europe is Facing Hard Times and Even Harder Choices News Article b-121-27
U.S. State Department Report on the Former Yugoslavia: Croatia Report b-122-27
U.S. State Department Report on the Former Yugoslavia: Slovenia Report b-123-27
U.S. State Department Report on the Former Yugoslavia: Bulgaria Report b-124-27
U.S. State Department Report on the Former Yugoslavia: Bosnia and Herzegovina Report b-125-27
U.S. State Department Report on the Former Yugoslavia: Serbia / Montenegro Report b-126-27
U.S. State Department Report on the Former Yugoslavia: Albania Report b-127-27
U.S. State Department Report on the Former Yugoslavia: Romania Report b-128-27
Hearing of Bishop Jevtic News Articles, Press Release, Testimony, Remarks b-129-27
Vuk Draskovic Case: Serbian Renewal Movement Letter b-130-27