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Langsdale Library

Box 29

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series VII. Balkans

Box 29.

Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
Slovenian Official Says Baker's "Silent Consent Let to Yugoslav Attack News Article b-1-29
Majority is the Rule in Croatian Democracy News Article b-2-29
Peace-Keepers Miss the Action News Article b-3-29
Croatians Angered by European Snub News Article b-4-29
Yugoslav Leaders to Meet EC on Crisis News Article b-5-29
Croats, Serbs Bury the Dead - And Swear to Get Revenge News Article b-6-29
2,500 Metro Croatian's to Rally in Washington News Article b-7-29
Slovenia Awakens to Price of its Dream: Secession Takes Unexpected Toll on Identity, Economy News Article b-8-29
Yugoslavia's Trap of Ethnic Conflict News Article b-9-29
New Warning by the Army Imperils Yugoslav Standoff News Article b-10-29
Kohl Threatens to End German Aid to Yugoslavia News Article b-11-29
Misc. News Articles from Annex Research re: Yugoslavia Crisis. June - July 1991 News Article b-12-29
U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee: Yugoslavia - The Uncertain Future of Central Europe's Most Diverse Country Report b-13-29
U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee: Yugoslavia - Will the "Balkan Tinderbox Ignite? Report b-14-29
Yugoslavia: A Chronology of Events. 1990-Present Report b-15-29
An Open Letter to the National Education Association re: Kosovo News Article b-16-29
In Yugoslavia, Neighbor Fights Neighbor News Article b-17-29
American Srbobran Articles re: Serbia News Articles b-18-29
Misc. Articles re: Secession from Yugoslavia News Articles b-19-29
International Weekly Newspapers - Spring / Summer 1991 Newspapers b-20-29
Misc. Letters & Correspondences re: Yugoslavia and Serbia Letters b-21-29
Congressional Research Service: Eastern Europe Info-pak Reports b-22-29
U.S. Embassy re: Yugoslavia - Spring 1991 Report b-23-29
American Serbian Heritage Foundation Report b-24-29
he Honorable George W. Gekas: Serbian-Americans Celebrate "Glorious Defeat Remarks b-25-29
Open Dialogue in Yugoslavia (HDB) Remarks b-26-29
Dear Colleague Letter from Congo Kleczka and Congo Bentley Letter b-27-29
H.R. 1080/ S. 9: To Amend the Foreign Aid Policy of the United States Toward Countries in Transition from Communism to Democracy Bills b-28-29
Senator Claiborne Pell's Report to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Visit to Albania and Yugoslavia Reports b-29-29
Rep. Eliot Engel Yugoslavian Language Report b-30-29
Congressional Record: Pro & Anti Yugoslavia Remarks b-31-29
H.R. 205: To Express Opposition to the Use of Force in Yugoslavia and to Express Support for the Peaceful and Democratic Resolution of Political Differences in Yugoslavia. Rep. Study Committee Bill, Memo, Report b-32-29
Edward Pearce - Guardian Article News Article, Memo b-33-29
Misc. Slovenian News Articles News Articles b-34-29
Misc. News Articles re: Foreign Intervention in Yugoslavia News Articles b-35-29
Misc. News Articles re: Yugoslav Armed Forces. March - May 1991 News Articles b-36-29
May '91 State of Emergency in Yugoslavia News Articles b-37-29
Misc. News Articles re: The Fighting Between the Serbs and Croats. Jan. - July 1991 News Articles b-38-29
Text of March 28 Letter from President Bush to Yugoslav Prime Minister Markovic Letter b-39-29
Rohrbacher and Engel Amendments to H.R. 2508 Bill, Amendment b-40-29
Ambassador Zimmermann's Interview with Tanjug Text b-41-29
Bentley Rhetoric re: Rohrbacher Amendments to H.R. 2508 Remarks, Flier b-42-29
Kleczka Amendment to H.R. 2508 and Rhetoric Amendment, Flier b-43-29
Bentley Press Statement Regarding Crisis in Serbia Press Release b-44-29
State Department Statement re: U.S. Policy Toward Yugoslavia Report b-45-29
Memorandum from Rep. Bentley re: H.R. 2508 Memo b-46-29
H. Con. Res. 385: Expressing the Sense of the Congress re: Human Rights Violations Against the Ethnic Albanian Minority in Southern Yugoslavia Bill, Remarks b-47-29
Amendment, Remarks, Vote Floor Proceedings -- Rohrabacher Amendment to H.R. 2508 Record b-48-29
rof. Dusan Starevic: "Suffering of Serbs in Croatia Report b-49-29
Misc. Rhetoric re: H.R. 2508 Remarks b-50-29
Kleczka / Bentley / Kolter Language in H.R. 2508 Bill, Notes, Amendments b-51-29
Misc. Information on Governor Rudy Perpich News Articles b-52-29
Statement of Helen Bentley Before The Mediterranean Quarterly Yugoslav Crisis Workshop Remarks b-53-29
Statement of the Honorable Helen Delich Bentley Before the House Committee on Rules re: Yugoslavia Remarks b-54-29
Dear Colleague Letter re: Republican Study Committee Promotion of Lantos Resolution Letter b-55-29
Rally for Democracy: Croatian, Slovenian, and Albanians Letter b-56-29
Paul Balach Letter (Draft) to Congo Rohrbacher Letter b-57-29
Serbian Unity Congress Faxletters Faxes, Newsletters b-58-29
Ethnic Albanians Boycott Key Election in Yugoslav Province News Article b-59-29
Waiting for the Expulsion in Albania News Article b-60-29
Albanian Troops Ordered to End Riots in North News Article b-6l-29
Albanians in U.S. Share Homeland's Burdens News Article b-62-29
Albanian Emigration Try Ends in Chaos News Article b-63-29
Serbian Ally Withdrawn from Yugoslav Presidency News Article b-64-29
Albanians Halted Outside Western Embassies News Article b-65-29
Albanians Force Ship to Sail for Italy: Crowds Descend on Tirana's Embassy Row After Rumors of Visa Giveaway News Articles b-66-29
Albania: The New Europeans News Article b-67-29
Serbians Pressing Ethnic Albanians in Uneasy Kosovo News Article b-68-29
For King-In-Waiting: It's a Long Way to Belgrade News Article b-69-29
Bob Dole: Get Smart About Foreign Aid News Article b- 70-29
(Rudy) Perpich Mulls Job Offer News Article b-71-29
Bentley Finds Uncertainty, Turmoil in Yugoslavia, Land of Her Ancestors News Article b-72-29
U.S. Congress Adopts a New Anti-Serbian Resolution: Senator Dole's Private War News Article b-73-29
Charge Carried Against Minister (Martin Spegeli) News Article b-74-29
Croatia Presents Plan for Alliance News Article b- 75-29
In Croatia, Time Heals No Ethnic Wounds: Cornfield Becomes Battleground for Once Friendly Neighbors News Article b-76-29
Joint Statement -- Reps. Exkart, Oberstar, Kolter, Bentley: Members of Congress Call for Moderation in Yugoslavia Press Release, Draft b-77-29
Yugoslavian Embassy Letter to Senator Nickles Letter b- 78-29
Misc. Information on Governor George V. Voinovich News Articles, Letters b-79-29
Helsinki Watch Report re: Elections in Albania Report b-80-29
National Forum Foundation: Updates Newsletters b-81-29
The Persecution of the Serbs in Croatia: 1990-1991 Report b-82-29
Commentaries on the Road to Civil War in Yugoslavia News Articles b-83-29
Committee to Aid Democratic Dissidents in Yugoslavia (CADDY) Bulletins Newsletters b-84-29
Comments by Olga Markovich re: The Crisis in Yugoslavia Letters, Memos b-85-29
Bentley to Amendment to H.R. 2508 Amendment, Memo b-86-29
Prepared Statements for Congo Helen Delich Bentley re: Yugoslav Crisis Remarks b-87-29
USIA Press Releases re: Yugoslavia. Jan - July 1991 Press Releases, News Articles b-88-29
Memorandum from Helen Bentley re: The Kleczka Amendment to H.R. 2508 Memo b-89-29
Senate Republican Policy Committee (RPC) Issue Alert Reports b-90-29
Misc. News Articles re: Serbian Demonstration and Milosevi's Reaction News Articles b-91-29
Report on the Situation in Kosova (Kosovo) Report b-92-29
The Same Old Story: Serbs in Croatia. by Vasilije Krestic Report b-93-29
The Silence of Pius XII. by Carlo Falconi Report b-94-29
Vatican Imperialism in the Twentieth Century. by Avro Manhattan Report b-95-29
Fighting Stands Yugoslavian Student Here News Article b-96-29
Pressure Rising in Europe for Action on Balkan War News Article b-97-29
Misc, News Articles re: Croatian General - Arkan News Articles b-98-29
Arms Control and Foreign Policy Caucus: The Bur and Bosnia: The Utility in the Bosnian Conflict of Next -Generation Weapons Systems Recommended in the Bottom-Up Review Report b-99-29
 Arms Embargo Lifting in Bosnia:Part 1  Reports, Letters, Bills  b-100-29
Arms Embargo Lifting in Bosnia:Part 2 Reports, Letters, Bills b-100-29