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Langsdale Library

Box 31

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series VII. Balkans

Box 31.

Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
The United States of America and Yugoslav Crisis: Memorandum on the Background and Possible Resolution of the Crisis. Submitted to the Honorable James A. Baker III - Sec. of State Report b-1-31
Croatian Fighters Vow to Ferret Out Serbian "Terrorists News Article b-2-31
Text of Yugoslav Ceasefire Statement News Article b-3-31
Warring Sides Sign New Cease-Fire Deal in Yugoslavia News Article b-4-31
Ultra-Nationalist Buried Amid Calls for "Greater Croatia News Article b-5-31
Declaration of the Twelve on the Situation in Yugoslavia News Article b-6-31
Suspected Arms Traffic for Croatia Uncovered in Italy News Article b- 7-31
Red Cross Calls Yugoslavs to Humanitarian Meeting in Geneva News Article b-8-31
EC to Request Emergency Security Council Session on Yugoslavia News Article b-9-31
Letter to Pres. Bush from Gov. Schaefer re: Visit to Slovenia Letter b-l0-31
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing: S. 1793, Sanctions Legislation Relating to the Yugoslav Civil War Transcript b-11-31
Dr. Radmila Milentijevic, Minister-at-Large. Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Letter, News Articles b-12-31
Bentley Condemns Serbian Government on American Child Custody Case Press Release b-13-31
Report from Washington by Cong.Helen Bentley. Why the War in Yugoslavia is Important to the 2nd District Press Release b-14-31
A Political Settlement for Yugoslavia. The Honorable Helen Bentley Remarks b-1I5-31
Press Release re: Refugees Press Release b-16-31
Definition of Plebiscite Report b-17 -31
New Attacks by the Army of Bosnia & Herzegovina News Article b-18-31
Muslim Forces Have Attacked Mostar News Article b-19-31
The Army of Bosnia is the Aggressor News Article b-20-31
Burning and Looting in Travnik News Article b-21-31
Summary of SRNA News - May, 1992 News Articles b-22-31
Pogledi (Look): Interview with Helen Delich Bentley - "A Great Strength Lies Within Us Transcript b-23-31
The Arming of the Croatian Military Forces by Other Nations Report b-24-31
Yugoslavia: Ending the Agony News Article b-25-31
Serbia Today: The Last Chance for War Conflicts to Stop Newsletter b-26-31
What's in a Vision? News Article b-27-31
Letter from Citizen to President of Notre Dame re: anti-Serb Banner Flown at Football Game Letter b-28-31
Open Letter and Report Sent to James Baker from Concerned Citizens of Different Ethnic Backgrounds Letter, Report b-29-31
Letter re: Elections in Republic of Serbian Krayina Letter b-30-31
Muslims Stage-Manage Another Massacre of Sarajevo Civilians Press Release b-31-31
The Government of the Republic of Srpska Press Releases, Letters b-32-31
The Transfer of the Economy of Serbia to Other Parts of Yugoslavia: Serbia Subordinated to the Interests of Yugoslavia Report b-33-31
Transfer of Industries from Serbia to Slovenia: The Demise of Aircraft Production Report b-34-31
Open Letter to Bill Clinton re: Actions of the Bosnian President Letter b-35-31
Serbia Today - News Briefs News Articles b-36-31
Letter to the Editor in Response to Article: "Blame the Victim: This Time Croatia Letter b-37-31
Dr. Elie Wiesel, re: Inspection of Detention Camps in Yugoslavia Letters, News Article Reports, Letters, News b-38-31
Misc. Materials of Jewish Groups re: The Yugoslavian Conflict: Part 1, Part 2 Articles, Press Releases b-39-31
World Society for the Protection of Animals: Problems Caused as Result of War in Yugoslavia Letters, News Articles b-40-31
World Jewish Congress: Anti-Semitism in Central and Eastern Europe Report b-41-31
Yugoslavia: A Perspective. by R.M. Zobenica Report b-42-31
The Sense of a Senseless War News Article b-43-31
Brutal Rumors: Propaganda Fuels Ethnic Fears News Article b-44-31
Analysts Fear a Persistent Middle East-Style Destabilization News Article b-45-31
Belgrade Vows Force to Back UN in Serbian Held Regions News Article b-46-31
Serbian Leaders Dispute Threatens UN Peace Plans News Article b-47-31
Ethnic Diversity in Yugoslavia: Map Showing Ethnic Majorities Map, Reports, Letters, News b-48-31
The London Conference:Part 1 Articles, Remarks b-49-31
The London Conference:Part 2 Articles, Remarks b-49-31
Summary of Ambassador Zimmerman's Interview in "Dans" Report b-50-31
Map and Report of Serbian Villages Destroyed Map, Report b-51-31
Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Yugoslavs Memo, Letters, Reports b-52-3 I
Summary of Observations in Croatia by Nikola J. Dragash. USAF Retired Report b-53-31
Open Letter to the President of the United States News Ad b-54-31
Peace in Yugoslavia Requires Justice for All News Article b-55-31
Maybe Now We Sleep Forever: Dubrovnik Teeters in Week 6 of Siege News Article b-56-31
Cease-Fire Largely Holding; 5,000 Said Killed in Battle for Vukovar News Article b-57-31
Quiet Day in Karlovac, Croatia's Front Line News Article b-58-31
International Mediators Converge on Belgrade; Massacres Reported News Article b-59-31
Yugoslav Jews Condemn German Recognition of Breakaway States News Article b-60-31
European Community Calls Federal Army A Cowardly Bully News Article b-61-31
Rome Wants Talks With Yugoslav Republics on Italian Minorities News Articles b-62-31
Croatia Passes Law That Would Grant Serbs Autonomy When War Ends News Article b-63-31
EC Gives Conditional Recognition to Yugoslav Rebel Republics News Article b-64-31
Tudjman Rejects Anti-Semitism Accusations; Seeks Israeli Recognition News Article b-65-31
Warlord Heightens Tense Drama in Remnants of Yugoslavia News Article b-66-31
5,000 Croats "Missing in Areas Captured by Serbs News Article b-67-31
Yugoslavia: Healing Steps Are Modest News Article b-68-31
Policeman Killed in Serb-Croat Clash News Article b-69-31
More Ethnic Violence After Summit Fails News Article b- 70-31
Not on Our Beat: News Article b-71-31
French, Germans Reported in Croat Militia Battling Serbs News Article b- 72-31
Croats Turn Border Villages Into Citadels Full of Mines News Article b- 73-31
Time Not Right to Recognize Croatian Sovereignty News Article b- 74-31
War Wounded Pack Croatian Country Hospital News Article b-75-31
Seeking Peace in a German Hostel Faced by Hate News Article b- 76-31
Yugoslav Leaders Agree to New Peace Plan as Crisis Worsens News Article b-77-31
Brutal War Tears At Once-Gentle Life News Article b-78-31
In War of Symbols, Croatian World War II Death Camp Becomes Sore spot News Article b- 79-31
Croatian Nationalist Once Fought Communists, -- Now Serbs News Article b-80-31
Neutral & Pro-Serb Editorials News Article b-81-31
Yugoslavia and the World: How to Keep the Present "Balance News Article b-82-31
Yugoslavia and Europe: The Echo of Sarajevo Assassination News Article b-83-31
Serb Net Memos, Letter, Report b-84-31
Correspondence by Ambassador Zimmerman to Mrs. Bentley Letter b-85-31
Franjo Tudjman - Croatian President News Articles, Reports b-86-31
United Nations Meeting: The Role of United Nations Peacekeeping Letters, Report, Bill b-87-31
Dear Colleague Letter: Cosponsor Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Nationals of the Former Yugoslavia Letter b-88-31
Yugoslav Crisis: Implications for Balkan Security News Article, Press Releases, Remarks b-89-31
State Department Statements re: Yugoslavia Reports b-90-31
Srpska Narodna Stranka: The Serbian National Party in Croatia Letter b-91-31
Yugoslavia Report Report b-92-31
Yugoslavia's Successor States. by Steven J. Woehrel Report b-93-31
Tudjman's Palace Bombing: HDB Press Release Press Release b-94-31
Letter to Wisconsin Community Members for the Candlelight Vigil Letter b-95-31
Serbs for Peace: Serbian American Committee for a Democratic Yugoslavia Letter, Report b-96-31
U.S. Asserts Serbs Are Still Running Prisoner Centers News Article b-97-31
Serbs Accused of'91 Croatian Massacre News Article b-98-31
Croat-Serb Battles Intensify, UN May Withdraw News Article b-99-31
U.S. Reviews Deteriorating Situation in Balkans News Article b-100-3 I
U.N Says, "Stop Shooting!" But Croats Shoot Anyway News Article b-101-31
Clinton's Call for "Real Leadership" in Balkans has Been Muted News Article b-102-31
Clinton's State Dept. Choice Backs "Discreet Force" News Article b-103-31
Leading the U.S. Into the Balkans, on Tiptoes News Article b-104-31
Bosnian Air Drops News Articles b-105-31
Clinton - Crucial Choices: The US had Better Take a Close Look at Bonn and Moscow Before Shaping its Foreign Policy News Article b-106-31
UN, EC Mediators Ask U.S. to Clarify its Bosnian Policy News Article b-107-31
U.S. Hopes Israeli Concession Will End UN Sanctions Drive News Article b-108-31
Crazed Brutality: A Scene From Bosnia's Dirty War News Article b-109-31
Knee-Deep in the Imbroglio: Hella Pick on the Confusion at the UN as it Struggles to Respond to the Balkan Crisis News Article b-110-31
Dealing with Muslim Strategy in Bosnia News Article b-111-31
UN Security Council Enlarges Bosnian Force News Article b-112-31
Sarajevo's Multi-Ethnic Elite Gather in Act of Defiance News Article b-113-31
UN Official Sees Danger in Troop Plan News Article b-114-31
Bosnian Town Fears Renewed Strife: Rift Widens Between Croats and Muslims Who Joined to Oust Serbs News Article b-115-31
Probe Shows UN Troops Died in Clash: French Convoy Caught in Sarajevo Ceasefire News Article b-116-31
Bosnians, Serbs Clash Around Sarajevo Again. Serbs Allegedly Used UN Monitored Guns News Article b-117-31
Yugoslavia's Days in U.N. Numbered News Article b-118-31
Bosnian Serbs Find Conquest May be Easier than Defense News Article b-119-31
Cross vs. Crescent: The Battle Lines are Being Redrawn in Bosnia Along Old Religious Wars News Article b-120-31
Serbian Hospitals Starved for Supplies News Article b-121-31
UN Offer to Lift Serb Ban if Fighting Ends News Article b-122-31
UN May Loosen Yugoslav Embargo News Article b-123-31
Bosnia, in Arms Plea to U.N. Says Sarajevo May fall Soon News Article b-124-31
Bush Backs Ban on Jets Over Bosnia News Articles b-125-31
Latest Bosnian Fear: 400,000 May Starve News Article b-126-31
Serbs Free Camp Inmates News Article b-127-31
Bosnia's Children Scarred, Doctor Says News Article b-128-31
U.S. Plane Lands in Sarajevo to Resume Airlift Aid to Bosnia War Victims News Article b-129-31
In Long List of Options, U.S. Seeks Balkan Policy News Articles b-130-31
Misc. Reuters News Clips: March, 1993 News Articles b-131-31
Misc. Reuters News Clips. Feb. 1993 News Articles b-132-31
U.S. Asks Allies to Broaden Threats Against Serb Forces News Article b-133-31
As Muslim Line Hardens, Serbs and Croats Halt Peace Talks News Article b-134-31
Is NATO's Threat Real? Alliance Faces Decision Whether Actually to Bomb Serbs News Article b-135-31
Bosnian Leader Says Partition May Be inevitable News Article b-136-31
Croats Accused of Raping Captives News Article b-137-31
Serbs Continue Assault on Sarajevo News Articles b-138-31
U.N. Flight From Bosnia's Reality: The Security Council Only Implores as the Serbs Advance News Article b-139-31
U.S. Backing Out of Bosnia News Article b-140-31
200 Children Are Abandoned in Besieged Bosnian Hospital News Article b-141-31
Croat - Muslim Forces Turn Guns on Each Other in Central Bosnia News Article b-142-31
Plea for Weapons "a Muslim Strategy to Draw in Western Troops" News Article b-143-31
A View from the Fence: European Intervention in Bosnia Depends on U.S. Backing, Including Ground Troops News Article b-144-31
Bloodied Muslims Pin Their Hopes for Bill Clinton News Article b-145-31
Misc. Reuters News Articles. Jan., 1993 News Articles b-146-31
Ethnic Cleansing Perpetrated by Croatians is Going on Unreported and Unnoticed by Western Countries. Why? Letter, Report b-147-31
Repetition of a Crime: The Persecution of the Serbs in Western Slavonia News Article b-148-31
The U.S. Can't Blame Serbia for Everything News Article b-149-31
The World is Trying to Put Serbs Into a Ghetto News Article b-150-31
In Sarajevo, War Also Means Battles of the Sexes News Article b-151-31
Croatian Forces Face Muslim Army: Hundreds of Civilians Fleeing as Shells Fall on Travnik; Death Counts Conflict News Article b-l 52-3 1
Capitulating, Bosnia Backs Plan to Create Safe Areas News Articles b-153-31
Bosnian Muslims Expand Land Grab: Croatian Troops, Civilians Ousted News Article b-154-31
Creating Single Enclave Called Key to Bosnia News Article b-155-31
Croatian-Muslim fighting in Bosnian City in 3rd Day News Article b-156-31
Croats Herd Muslims to Camps, U.N. Aides Say News Article b-157-31
Serbs Stall Peace Pact Put it to Referendum News Article b-158-31
Russia Vows Bosnia Peace Role; Sidesteps U.S. Military Force Proposal News Article b-159-31
At the Bosnia Crossroads: (John McCain) Fighting to Keep Out News Article b-160-31
Hill Leaders Wary of Bosnia Plan; Serbs Order Vote News Article b-161-31
Russia Pleads for Serbs News Articles b-162-31
Q & A: Diplomacy and force in Facing the Balkan Conflict News Article b-163-31
Yugoslavia's Sick Children Are Innocent Victims of Sanctions News Article b-164-31
Serbian Casualties Grow as Muslims Take Their Revenge News Article b-165-31
UN Blames Bosnians for Deaths of Frenchmen News Article b-166-31
Iranian Arms Seized at Zagreb Airport News Article b-167-31
Concentration Camps for Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina Report b-168-31
Statistical Survey of the Situation of Refugees in Serbia Report b-169-31
The U.S. Committee for Refugees: East of Bosnia - Refugees in Serbia and Montenegro Report b-170-31
Why the West has Failed in Yugoslavia News Article b-171-31
A View of Belgrade News Article b-172-31
NATO General is Reticent About Air Strikes in Bosnia News Article b-173-31
No Good Options on Balkans: Clinton Administration is Divided Over What Action to Take News Article b-174-31
Britain Urges U.S. to Stand Firm Against Use of Force in Bosnia News Article b-175-31
Misc. Reuters News Articles. Apr - May, 1993 News Articles b-l 76-3 I
2 Gang Leaders in Sarajevo Face Crackdown in Bosnia News Article b-177-31
U.N. Fails to Stem Muslim Rebellion in Bosnia News Article b-178-31
Mostar's Old Bridge Battered to Death News Article b-l 79-3 I
Tension Invades Bosnia Bastion of Harmony: Food Shortage, Political Discord Upsetting Balance Among Tuzla's Muslims, Croats, Serbs News Article b-180-31
Sarajevo Shells Reported to Kill Nine at a School News Article b-181-31
Slovenian Party Charged With Violating UN Ban on Yugoslav Arms News Articles b-182-31
U.N.'s Grim Task in Bosnia: Recording a Village Massacre News Article b-183-31
Rape was Weapon of Serbs, UN Says News Article b-184-31
Mentally Ill Suffer Much from Sanctions in Serbia News Article b-185-31
Croatia's Founding Chief Seen as a "Mixed Story" News Article b-186-31
Croatia Reportedly Buying Mig's, Defying UN News Article b-187-31
Croatian Serbs Down Mig as Fighting Flares Near Zagreb News Article b-188-31
In Defense of the Serbians News Article b-189-31
EC Wanted Balkan War, Karadzic Says. Hints Conflict Could Spread to Kosovo News Article b-190-31
Ethnic Rift Divides Sarajevo's Defenders News Article b-191-31
Misc. Articles Pertaining to Propaganda in Bosnia: Part 1 News Articles, Reports b-192-31
Misc. Articles Pertaining to Propaganda in Bosnia: Part 2 News Articles, Reports b-192-31