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Langsdale Library

Box 6

Helen Delich Bentley Collection (HDB)

Series VIII. Helen Bentley International

Box 6. Business

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
**/**78/79 Cigarettes Telexes, Letters HBi-10-6
**/**/78? Clark Material Handling Group Brochure HBi-11-6
**/**/78? Crane Notes HBi-12-6
**/**/78? Dry Dock--Floating Blueprint HBi-13-6
**/**/75-77 Chemicals/Fertilizers Letters HBi-14-6
**/**/77 Food Stuff Letters, Telexes, Proposals, Brochures HBi-15-6
**/**/79 Airplanes--Current Reports, Notes, Telexes HBi-1-6
**/**/78 Fuel Oil, Diesel, Gasoline, etc. Telexes, Letters, Notes HBi-16-6
8/**/79 Gems Clippings, Letters, Notes HBi-17-6
7/**/78 Generators--Motors Notes, Memos HBi-18-6
**/**/77 Gloves Letters, Notes HBi-19-6
9/18/1979 Handy Hardware Centers Brochures HBi-20-6
**/**/78? Plastic Notes HBi-21-6
**/**/77 Misc. Equipment/Heavy Equipment--Caterpillar Tractors, Tractor Cabs, Etc. Brochure, Notes, Letters HBi-22-6
3/16/1978 Misc. --Matches, Toilet Paper, Soap Letters, Notes HBi-23-6
12/6/1977 Pocket Books Notes HBi-24-6
8/**/79 Poultry Letters, Brochures, Notes HBi-25-6
4/**/79 Airplanes Telexes HBi-2-6
**/**78 Ships Letters, Brochures, Photos, Notes HBi-26-6
5/**/78 Tugboats Brochures, Notes HBi-27-6
11/29/1976 Trucks Letters, Notes HBi-28-6
12/9/1976 Uranium--Coke--Yellow Cakes--Scrap Metal Letters, Notes HBi-29-6
2/5/1979 Weapons--Other Letters, Notes, Brochures HBi-30-6
7/3/1978 Weapons--Vanguard Notes HBi-31-6
8/22/1978 Weapons--Correspondence Letters, Telexes HBi-32-6
**/**/79 Whiskey--Rizk--Telexes/ (General) Telexes, Notes HBi-33-6
**/**/78 Whiskey General Telexes Telexes HBi-34-6
**/**/79 Airplanes Letters, Telexes, Notes, HBi-35-6
**/**/78 Airplanes Correspondence Letters, Telexes HBi-3-6
**/**/78-79 Master List and Chart Chart, Notes HBi-36-6
**/**/77-78 Pickering Letters Letters, Telexes HBi-37-6
**/**/78 Whiskey Price List, Clippings, Correspondence, Etc Clippings, Letters, Price List HBi-38-6
9/**/78 Whiskey, Bainbridge-telexes/ (general) Telexes, Letter HBi-39-6
2/10/1977 Jeeps Notes, hbi-40-6
12/**/76 ammonia Plant/Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. Letter, Brochure HBi-4-6
5/**/79 Auto's Reports, Letters, Brochures HBi-5-6
**/**79? Buses Brochure, Notes HBi-6-6
8/22/1977 Blue Jeans/Clothing Reports, Notes HBi-7-6
12/22/79? Blue Indigo Notes HBi-8-6
1/1/1979 Cement Proposal, Telexes HBi-9-6