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Langsdale Library

Box 17

Helen Delich Bentley Collection (HDB)

Series VIII. Helen Bentley International

Box 17. Miscellaneous Files

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
3/5/1976 Fells Point News Clips HDB-27-17
9/14/1981 Letter of Agreement Between HDB & Hugo A. Seiler Letter hbi-10-17
**/**/** American Naval Development Corporation Report hbi-11-17
**/**/** Narrative: Sequence of Events -- Bentley v. Pinson Narrative hbi-1-17
9/13/1983 Leadership Foundation Note, Report hbi-12-17
9/1/1981 Assistant Secretary of Navy Outlines New U.S. Program to Achieve Maritime Superiority News Article hbi-13-17
7/6/1983 Letter re: Navy's Interest in Initiating a Multi-Mission Patrol Boat Program Letter hbi-14-17
1/12/1984 High Speed Patrol Boats for Saudi Arabian Government Memo hbi-15-17
12/28/1982 Navy Secretary Denies Conflict Exists in Business Ties News Article hbi-16-17
1/26/1983 SECNAV / CNO - Report FY 1983 Report hbi-17-17
3/13/1980 Dyckerhoff & Widmann Telexes hbi-18-17
7/10/1979 Herrman, William Letters hbi-19-17
7/31/1979 Misc. Letters & Correspondences - F Letters hbi-20-17
2/14/1980 Preliminary Exhibits - Pinson Telexes hbi-2-17
2/14/1980 Puerto Rico Maritime Shipping Authority v. Robert Leith and Puerto Rico Line, Inc. Deposition hbi-3-17
6/3/1977 Litigation / Bolton Shipping Petro Refining Company Litigation hbi-4-17
5/3/1977 Misc. Papers Involving Pinson Deal Contracts, Telexes, Letters hbi-5-17
**/**/** Helen Delich Bentley v. C. A. Pinson, Petro Refining Co. Complaint hbi-6-17
9/14/1977 Incorporation of Helen Bentley International Letters, Notice, Articles of Inc. hbi-7-17
12/31/1977 BCCI Holdings (Luxembourg) - Consolidated Financial Statements Booklet hbi-8-17
12/31/1977 BCCI Holdings - Annual Report Report hbi-9-17
10/12/1981 Lichty, E.R. - Chessie Railroad Systems Letters hbi-2-17
10/12/1981 Chessie System Railroads Letters hbi-21-17
3/20/1980 DRC Consultants, Inc. Letters, Report hbi-22-17
12/31/1981 De Mello - 1981 Letters, Telexes hbi-23-17
7/12/1984 DeMarco Eggs Memo, Report, Income Statement hbi-24-17
2/17/1978 Di Gennaro, Frank - Keane Reports, Letters, Notes hbi-25-17
9/4/1981 Damian & Company Limited Letters, Reports hbi-26-17
6/13/1983 Drakulich, Sam (Sea-Farine) Letters, Reports hbi-27-17
1/27/1983 Du Bois, Dan Letters, Telexes hbi-28-17
6/14/1982 Duval, Maynard Letters, Reports, Telexes hbi-29-17
4/6/1983 Sir Anthony Evans Letters, Reports, Telexes hbi-30-17
5/5/1976 Equator Bank Memos, Telexes, Reports hbi-31-17
9/1/1982 Luis A. Ferre Letters hbi-32-17
11/19/1978 HDB - Film Sales - 1 of 2 Letters, Report hbi-33-17
11/22/1982 HDB - Film Sales - 2 of 2 Letters, Notes hbi-34-17
10/31/1975 Foreign Investment in U.S. Reports, News Articles hbi-35-17
1/23/1981 Farm Land Investment Letters hbi-36-17
1/8/1979 Executive Commodity Trades International - Herman Peck Letters, Telexes, Reports hbi-37-17
6/1/1981 Fox Grocery Company Letters, Invoices hbi-38-17
7/21/1980 Hapag-Lloyd Ag Press Release hbi-39-17
8/8/1983 Grain Letters, Reports, News Articles, Telexes hbi-40-17
2/15/1978 Grant Reports Report hbi-41-17
4/7/1976 Government Operations Committee Letters, Resolution hbi-42-17
9/26/1979 Galler Associates, Inc. Letter, Reports hbi-43-17
5/15/1982 W.J. Happel Realty Company Letter hbi-44-17
8/15/1977 Hostetter / South African Loan Memos, Letters, Telexes, Reports hbi-45-17
**/**/** Housing Letter, Reports hbi-46-17
2/2/1980 Hsieh, Alfred Letters, Telexes hbi-47-17
12/11/1979 Kamal Invoices hbi-48-17
5/19/1982 Karam, Victor Memos, Agreements, Letters hbi-49-17
12/13/1978 Kane, Sam Letters hbi-50-17
**/**/** Jaweed Pipeline Report, Telexes hbi-51-17
8/9/1979 Jaweed / Letters Invoices, Letters, Reports hbi-52-17