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Langsdale Library

Box 18

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series VIII. Helen Bentley International

Box 18. Miscellaneous Files

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
1/3/1978 Investments Reports hbi-1-18
4/28/1978 HDB Itinerary Schedules hbi-2-18
8/31/1979 IMF Corporation Agreement, Mailgrams, Telex hbi-3-18
10/26/1977 Incorporation Papers Minutes, Forms, Resolutions hbi-4-18
1/8/1977 Coking Coal Plant Telexes, Letters, Report hbi-5-18
2/1/1984 Hutchinson Letters, Telexes, Proposal hbi-6-18
11/13/1978 Allerton Resources, Inc. Report, Mailgram, Telexes hbi-7-18
6/20/1978 ICC Committee Meeting Remarks hbi-10-18
9/8/1978 New Management Horizons, First Annual Conference for Women Managers in State Service Remarks, Notes, Letters hbi-11-18
12/2/1978 Baltimore Communities Slavic Women Newsletter hbi-12-18
12/13/1978 aryland Center for Public Broadcasting "In Person Taping Letters hbi-13-48
4/8/1978 University of Maryland School of Law: Conference on Caribbean Basin Letters, Remarks, Reports hbi-14-18
3/30/1978 International Visitors: World Trade Building Remarks, Notes hbi-15-18
2/10/1978 Business/College Symposium Newsletter, Memos hbi-16-18
1/31/1978 ILA Dinner - Notes on Remarks Notes hbi-17-18
9/18/1979 Baltimore Jaycees Inc Letters, Speech hbi-18-18
4/8/1978 The International Trade Law Journal: Conference on U.S. Caribbean Basin Trade Booklet hbi-19-18
19/80 Propeller Club of the Port of Baltimore Letters, Newsletters, Speech hbi-8-18
4/12/1978 Testimony of HDB Chairman, Rail Committee Greater Baltimore Committee, Inc. Before the Subcommittee on Transportation of the Senate Appropriations Committee Testimony hbi-9-18
1/31/1978 U.S. - Caribbean Basin Trade Conference List hbi-20-18
4/30/1978 Caribbean Basin Economic Survey Report, Booklet hbi-21-18
12/12/1976 The Lure of Baltimore Magazine hbi-22-18
**/**/** The World Trade Center Baltimore Booklet hbi-23-18
2/23/1978 Caribbean Business: Navieras' Sale Seems to be Most Unlikely News Article hbi-24-18
4/8/1978 Export Financing: by Gary W. Collins - Maryland National Bank Report hbi-25-18
4/8/1978 U.S. - Caribbean Basin Trade: Negotiating in the Caribbean Basin: Trade and Investment Contracts Report hbi-26-18
4/8/1978 U.S. - Caribbean Basin Trade: Economic and Legal Aspects Report hbi-27-18
4/8/1978 Comparative Statement of Waterborne Shipments of Merchandise to Puerto Rico from Principal Atlantic and Gulf Ports Report hbi-28-18
5/31/1977 The Journal of Commerce: Puerto Rico, Broadened Economic Growth Newspaper hbi-29-18
4/8/1978 Domestic Tariffs - Section I - Vessel Operating Common Carriers Report hbi-30-18
3/15/1978 Federal Maritime Commission - Docket No. 77-55: Trailer Marine Transport Corporation Report hbi-31-18
4/8/1978 U.S. - Caribbean Basin Trade Conference: The Role of the Public Sector in Export Financing Report hbi-32-18
4/24/1976 Maryland Federation of Republican Women: Regulatory Agencies Speech hbi-33-18
5/3/1976 Rafferty Speech Speech hbi-34-18
4/20/1976 University of Missouri - Rolla Speech hbi-35-18
11/16/1977 Fordham University Remarks, Letters Reports hbi-36-18
7/16/1981 Roslyn Willett Associates Letters, Directory hbi-37-18
8/31/1981 Misc. Letters & Correspondences, Summer 1981 Letters hbi-38-18
10/20/1982 World Ports Magazine - Around the Waterfront Letters, News Articles hbi-39-18
4/19/1982 Women - Executive Women Letters hbi-40-18
3/29/1978 Maryland and Federal Corruption News Articles hbi-41-18
5/5/1983 Villa Julie College Letters, Schedules, Report hbi-42-18
3/31/1980 Conference on Deregulation - London, March 1980 Letters, Reports, Statements hbi-43-18
**/**/** The Rejected Heroes News Article hbi-44-18
5/30/1977 U.S. - Owned Ships Under Foreign Flags Drown Thousands of Jobs for Americans News Article hbi-45-18
5/31/1977 International Shippers Cite Safety Factors News Article hbi-46-18
5/29/1977 America's Fleet of Merchant Ships Keep Sinking News Article hbi-47-18
2/24/1976 With the MSC: Tentative Agreement Reached on MM&P Pact Newsletter hbi-48-18
1/26/1976 One American in 5 Leaves School Unfit to Cope With Life News Article hbi-49-18
1/23/1976 Bundesbahn Plans Huge Cuts in Track & Staff to Combat Rising Losses News Article hbi-50-18