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Langsdale Library

Box 19

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series VIII. Helen Bentley International

Box 19. Miscellaneous Files

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
2/4/1976 Remarks by Robert J. Blackwell, Assistant Secretary for Maritime Affairs - The 16th Annual Conference and Shippers Dialogue Remarks hbi-1-19
1/31/1979 The American Neptune: The Six Baltimore's News Article hbi-2-19
11/22/1975 Road to Deregulation is Full of Turnabouts, Fords Aides Discover News Article hbi-3-19
11/27/1975 Task Force on Eying Maritime Reform News Article hbi-4-19
11/24/1975 Shipbuilding in Finland is a Thriving News Article hbi-5-19
11/24/1975 Preference Bill Backing Held Vital News Article hbi-6-19
11/24/1975 Todd to Sell Stake in Lester: Wants to Devote Energies to Maritime Field News Article hbi-7-19
11/26/1975 Panama Toll Proposals Hit Sharply News Article hbi-8-19
11/25/1975 Soviet Grain Ports Severely Congested News Article hbi-9-19
12/13/1975 Bob Casey Confirmation Hearing Hearings, Memo hbi-10-19
11/26/1975 Plans to Sell Half of Active Fleet: PFEL Moving to Cure its Ills News Article hbi-11-19
11/25/1975 Container Revolution Seen to Be at its Prime News Article hbi-12-19
11/26/1975 National Republican Heritage Groups (Nationalities) Council Letter hbi-13-19
3/31/1978 Cornell International Law Journal: Restraints on Foreign Investment in the Merchant Marine - An Asset or Liability to United States Interests. by David Morris Phillips Report hbi-14-19
4/14/1978 Louis Ike Ogbogu Memos, Notes, Letters, Agreements hbi-15-19
1/11/1976 The Senate Takes a Tougher Stand on Presidential Appointments News Article hbi-16-19
7/16/1976 Energy Program Yields Gas, But Shale Oil Lags News Article hbi-17-19
5/13/1976 Senators Introduce Compromise Natural-Gas Bill News Article hbi-18-19
5/13/1976 Natural Gas Deregulation Bill Pushed News Article hbi-19-19
10/22/1983 American Legion Guard of Honor Ball for Captain Claude D. Phillips Program hbi-20-19
1/26/1976 Africa: Now, Back to the Battlefield News Article hbi-21-19
1/19/1976 Technology Changes the Office Telephone News Article hbi-22-19
9/30/1982 Port of Baltimore: The Arabian Gulf Trade News Article hbi-23-19
12/8/1980 Ogbogu Telexes Telexes hbi-24-19
2/4/1976 Proposed Remarks by Clifford B. Ohara at the Presentation of the 1975 Conny Award to HDB Remarks hbi-25-19
3/25/1976 Right to Work Press Releases, News Articles hbi-26-19
12/3/1975 MPA: Bid Received for Port's First Land-Based Lift Crane Press Release hbi-27-19
11/26/1975 MPA: Dredging Bids Received for South Locust Point Terminal Press Release hbi-28-19
5/4/1982 Delta May Prove Attractive Purchase - Syria News Article hbi-29-19
7/11/1981 Political Activity: Washington D.C. Letters hbi-30-19
2/5/1976 Vietnam: The Scott Report - Final Days in Vietnam by: Ambassador Graham Martin Press Release hbi-31-19
10/30/1982 Propeller Club: The Women's Propeller Club of U.S. Letters, Memos, Newsletters, Lists hbi-32-19
**/**/** Pen & Quill Club Application, By-Laws hbi-33-19
6/10/1980 Washington Press Club Newsletter, Bill hbi-34-19
3/26/1982 Research for Various Projects Letters, Notes, Catalogues hbi-35-19
11/30/1980 University of Missouri-Columbia: Alumni Faculty Award List List, Memo hbi-36-19
1/19/1982 United Seaman's Service Memo, News Articles hbi-37-19
5/4/1982 Radcliffe Maritime Museum Minutes, Reports hbi-38-19
10/31/1981 Columbia University Teachers College Newsletters hbi-39-19
**/**/** Towson State University Catalogue hbi-40-19
2/17/1981 Washington D.C. Offices - Business General - IE: Carlton Club Docket, Agreement, Lists hbi-41-19
11/14/1981 Starflite Corporation Letter, Memo, Notes hbi-42-19
12/31/1981 Sidelights: The Council of American Master Mariners Newsletter hbi-43-19
2/7/1978 American Bureau of Shipping Letters hbi-44-19
**/**/** Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - A Letters hbi-45-19
**/**/** Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - B Letters hbi-46-19
6/7/1976 Antigue Letters Letters hbi-47-19
**/**/** Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - C Letters hbi-48-19
8/30/1977 Congressional Letters Letters hbi-49-19
10/23/2019 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - D Letters hbi-50-19
5/3/1976 Jean Dixon Letters hbi-51-19
12/5/1978 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - E Letters hbi-52-19
12/5/1978 Engineering Society of Baltimore Letters hbi-53-19
1/29/1979 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - G Letters hbi-54-19
4/16/1980 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - H Letters hbi-55-19
6/2/1980 Heritage Foundation Letters hbi-56-19
10/23/1978 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - I Letters hbi-57-19
8/6/1979 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - J Letters hbi-58-19
4/17/1980 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - K Letters hbi-59-19
1/23/1980 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - L Letters hbi-60-19
7/3/1980 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - M Letters hbi-61-19
7/7/1976 University of Missouri Rolla Letters hbi-62-19
1/31/1976 Naval Institute Proceedings Letter hbi-63-19
2/9/1979 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - Mc Letters hbi-64-19
2/11/1980 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - N Letters hbi-65-19
2/5/1980 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - O Letters hbi-66-19
3/31/1980 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - P Letters hbi-67-19
1/24/1979 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - Q Letters hbi-68-19
6/4/1980 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - S Letters hbi-69-19
12/13/1979 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - T Letters hbi-70-19
2/4/1980 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - U Letters hbi-71-19
2/25/1980 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - V Letters hbi-72-19
10/20/1979 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - W Letters hbi-73-19
10/15/1979 Misc. Letters: 1976-1980 - Y Letters hbi-74-19
7/18/1977 United Seamen's Service Letters hbi-75-19
7/6/1978 Television Letters Letters hbi-76-19
11/29/1976 Senate Letters Letters hbi-77-19