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Langsdale Library

Box 6

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series IX. Personal Files

Box 6. Business

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
**/76-*/79 Invitations/Attended Invitations/Programs/Letters HDB-10-6
2/11/1983 Shipbuilding Letters HDB-11-6
*/80 Ecuador - Rota - Bolivia Letters/Newspaper Clips/Brochure HDB-1-6
*/81*/83 Ecuador Letters/Report//Brochure HDB-2-6
*/77*/78 Other Pamphlets/Letters HDB-3-6
*/74*/75 Electrical Contract, Service, etc. Letter/Warranty/Receipts HDB-4-6
*/75 Light Bulbs and Jewelry Inventory Clothing Lists/Inventory HDB-5-6
*/84 IRDC Business Brochure/Notes/Telex/Brochure/Letters/Remarks HDB-6-6
*/83/*/84 Carlos Rota Letters HDB-7-6
*/84 IR & DC Letters/News Clips HDB-8-6
*/84 IR & DC Business Letters/Brochure/Telegram/Report/Agreement/Magazine Clips HDB-9-6
2/3/1997 AAI/SMI Report hdb-12-6
8/23/1997 The Current Condition of U.S. Based Manufacturing Testimony, Report hdb-13-6
3/14/1983 Seamen's House Letter, Report hdb-14-6