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Langsdale Library

Box 7

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series IX. Personal Files

Box 7. Business

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
3/1/1982 Merrill Lynch Letters, Pamphlets, Reports HDB-10-7
**/**/79 Construction Annual Reports HDB-10-8
10/31/1983 Navy - The Honorable John Lehman Letters, Memos HDB-11-7
9/22/1982 Nigeria Letters, Newspaper Clippings, Memos HDB-12-7
7/**/83 C.J. Langenfelder & Son, Inc. - Complete Book Booklet HDB-13-7
10/5/1983 Sylvio Petricfiani Letters HDB-14-7
**/**/83 U.S. Navy Hospital Ship T-AH Fact Sheet HDB-15-7
2/24/1983 Current Mail Letters, Reports HDB-16-7
10/4/1974 Personal Correspondence Miscellaneous Letters HDB-1-7
1/7/1983 Navy - The Honorable John Lehman Letters, Memos HDB-17-7
2/18/1982 Nigeria Letters, Memos HDB-1-8
10/5/1983 Richard L. Staples Letters HDB-18-7
10/5/1983 David Sadd Memo HDB-19-7
9/29/1983 Correspondence Letters, Memos HDB-20-7
4/7/1975 Residence-Maid Letters, Notes, Memos HDB-2-7
1/5/1982 Sir Anthony Evans Letters, Memos HDB-2-8
**/**/75 Address Directions to HDB's House Map, Directions HDB-3-7
6/20/1982 Willie Sharnoff Letters, Memos HDB-3-8
9/8/1971 Baltimore Gas and Electric Letter HDB-4-7
7/23/1983 Sierra Leone Letters, Memos, Proposal HDB-4-8
4/15/1974 Subscriptions Letters, Subscriptions HDB-5-7
1/13/1982 Siderurgica Riograndense S.A. Memos, Agreement HDB-5-8
2/6/1974 Taylor Travel Letters, Receipts HDB-6-7
**/**/83 C.J. Langenfelder & Son, Inc. - Complete Book Booklet HDB-6-8
3/6/1975 Travel Letters, Receipts HDB-7-7
3/5/1980 Locks Booklets, Pamphlets HDB-7-8
9/6/1979 Messages Memos HDB-8-7
12/26/1978 Federal Express Letters, Memos, Receipts HDB-8-8
12/16/1982 Military Sealift Command Remarks HDB-9-7
**/**/79 Construction & Development Corporation of the Philippines - Annual Report Annual Report HDB-9-8