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Langsdale Library

Box 9

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series IX. Personal Files

Box 9. Business

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
5/1/1980 Current GBC Memo/Board of Directors/Agenda/Minutes/Budget Documents HDB-10-9
4/26/1979 GBC/Transportation Council Agenda/Letters/Memo/Brochure HDB-11-9
11/16/1977 Program Evaluation Committee Memo/Letter HDB-12-9
8/23/1979 Chamber of Commerce/Port Report/Letters/Report HDB-13-9
9/26/1977 GBC Planning Council Testimony/Minutes/Research HDB-14-9
4/5/1978 GBC - Letters Letters HDB-15-9
9/28/1977 Greater Baltimore Committee By-Laws/Overview/Directory/Newsletters HDB-16-9
11/28/1977 Atlas Van Lines Letters/Brochures/Program/Report HDB-1-9
7/1/1976 Maryland Historical Society (Current) Letters/Magazine/Minutes/Memos/Newsletters/Long Range Program HDB-2-9
9/16/1980 Villa Julie College Letters/Notes/Agenda HDB-3-9
9/16/1978 Villa Julie Development Fund Letters/Proposal HDB-4-9
3/6/1980 Villa Julie College (2) Agenda/Pamphlet HDB-5-9
3/12/1980 Church Home/Directors Letters HDB-6-9
8/15/1980 Church Home (Current) Report/Letters/Annual Meeting HDB-7-9
6/9/1980 Church Home Trustees Agenda/Report/Letters/Environmental Report HDB-8-9
3/4/1980 Church Home and Hospital (Current) Letter HDB-9-9