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Langsdale Library

Box 10

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series IX. Personal Files

Box 10. Personal

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
1/24/1977 Copper/MacDonald Letters/Notes HDB-11-10
9/24/1979 Charles Theocles Notes/Telex HDB-12-10
1/1/1900 Propeller Club Letters HDB-13-10
4/20/1976 Contracts, Proposed Letters HDB-14-10
9/1/1984 Coming Events - Bentley Letters/Notices HDB-15-10
1/1/1900 Lee, Kwan Letter HDB-16-10
2/11/1980 Consumers Solar Electric Power Letters HDB-17-10
1/1/1900 PSI Parking Outline hdb-10-10
2/5/1977 .HDB Business - Misc. Letters/Brochures/Newspaper Clips/Agreement HDB-1-10
1/1/1900 Misc Business Telegrams//Memo/Letters/Newspaper Clips HDB-2-10
1/1/1900 Olson Brothers Manufacturing Co. - Irrigation Brochure/Price List HDB-4-10
1/1/1900 D&H Consulting Brochures/Memo/Newspaper Clips HDB-5-10
10/25/1979 BOATS Letters/Brochures HDB-6-10
1/1/1900 Miscellaneous Notes, Personal Letters and Mementos Letter/Notes/Cards HDB-7-10
1/1/1900 W.R.Grace & Co. Annual Report HDB-8-10
1/1/1900 Miscellaneous Notes and Letters (2) Letters/Notes HDB-9-10