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Langsdale Library



Series I. 1948-1981


Cut Number General Subject Matter Reel Number
1 Beethoven manuscript discovered 1-A
2 Park Service receives Hampton Mansion 1-A
3 Fort Meade 1948 1-A
4 Mayor turns down heat 1-A
5 Global flyers honored 1-A
6 Conventionists converge on City (Shriners) 1-A
7 "Bagpipers" band on parade 1-A
8 Two-ton Tony's team triumphs (wrestling) 1-A
9 Holland named Civil Defense head 1-A
10 Rare Poe Photo brought to city 1-A
11 Prince Charles visits Naval Academy 1-A
12 Donald O'Connor 1-A
13 The Red Sox and Mr. McCarthy 1-A
14 Roberts sails again 1-A
15 Barney Ross 1-A
16 Jim Farley in City 1-A
17 "Old Gang" honors Mayor D'Alesandro, Jr 1-A
18 How old is the Preakness? 1-A
19 Kate Caplan honored 1-A
1 Unknown Man receiving award 1-B
2 Building bird house at Zoo 1-B
3 "Crossword Puzzle" bird (Ostrich) 1-B
4 Senator Pumphrey is storm center (in Annapolis 1-B
5 Homeless couple picket city 1-B
6 40 and 8 car given to American Legion 1-B
7 Dunn named president of Gilman Board 1-B
8 Unknown man giving autograph at Washington Monument (Baltimore) 1-B
9 More DP's arrive here (displaced persons) 1-B
10 New cardiac clinic opened 1-B
11 Red Cross drive underway 1-B
12 Jays (JHU) prep for baseball season 1-B
13 Naval Air Reserve Day proclaimed (T. D'Alesandro, Jr.) 1-B
14 Broening Park traffic issue cleared 1-B
15 Dancer explains oriental symbols 1-B
16 New scrap machine 1-B
17 Red Cross campaign begins 1-B
18 Illuminated book exhibit at Museum 1-B
19 Cornell Coach (football) favors free substitution 1-B
20 Brotherhood 1-B
21 Legislators tour harbor (with T. D'Alesandro, Jr.) 1-B
22 School holds retail exhibit 1-B
23 Fire wrecks shuttle boat 1-B
24 New lights erected 1-B
25 Stidham quits, joins Packers 1-B
26 Mayor gets copy of Swiss Charter 1-B
27 Might as well be spring (weather) 1-B
28 Dentist's miniatures on display 1-B
29 Art Exhibit opens here 1-B
30 T. D'Alesandro, Jr. gives key to city to Moose officials 1-B
31 Zoo acquires -Vicuna 1-B
32 Street cave-in on Decker Avenue 1-B

Please Note: These two reels were borrowed by WMAR-TV and have not been returned to the University of Baltimore.