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Langsdale Library

WMAR Series IV


Series IV. Titled Video

Some of the video has been indexed; if a hyperlink exists, click on the link to see a list of contents for the tape.

Box 1.
Amtrack Accident (1/4/87)
Accident - Paramedics
African Famine
Agnew, Spiro T. 1968 Campaign and as Governor
Agnew, Spiro T. Inauguration
Agnew, Spiro T. Miscellaneous Riot Footage - April 1968
Agnew, Spiro T. Spiro T. Agnew/ Marvin Mandel Archival Footage
Jack Anderson Shows: (4 videos): #19 (1/22-23/83); #21-22; #25-26; Special (8/13/82)
Armless Kid Leads Normal Life
Antrim Fire
Assateague Island
Baltimore City Fairs & Festivals
Baltimore Scenic: (2 videos): Nov/Dec 1958;2/20/73
Baltimore Shots/Cooking Show
Modern Baltimore

Box 2.
Bay Bridge Cuts
Bay Pollution
Beirut Fighting (2/7/84)
Bentley, Helen Delich On the Floor of Congress
Bentley, Helen Delich Port Show
Bentley, Helen Delich 4/14/62 (Old Bayline)
Bentley, Helen Delich 3/8/1964 B/S + Argentina, 1/16/1965
Bentley, Helen Delich Patrick Henry (Liberty Ship)
Berlin, Maryland
Beth Steel (10/10/85)
Blake, Eubie ( 2/6/79)
Boxing & Colts (Joe Louis -1950/51)
Broening Inaugural (1927) & Jackson Inaugural (1923)
C&P Strike (7/15/83)
Calloway, Cab & Martin Luther King Speech
Calvert Cliffs Reactor Installation
Cambridge, MD (July 1963)
Camden Yards
Changing Face of Baltimore
Carnival of Ugly, Pollution
Chesapeake Bay Bridge: Cuts; The Great Bridge Controversary Show (reels 1-3)
Chesapeake Bay Bridge: Spanning the Bridge (reel 3)
Chevrolet Development Plant
Chestertown Explosion

Box 3.
Classroom Footage (Kids & Computers - High School)
Colts vs. Packers ( 9/20/64)
Colts, 1965
Colts vs. 49ers (9/15/1968)
Colts vs. Falcons ( 9/22/68)
Colts Move to Indianapolis (3/2/1984)
Colts, 1970
Colts vs. Rams
Colts Training Camp
Crisfield, Maryland
D'Alesandro, Thomas - Jr. & III
Denton, MD
ENG Library: Tape #1
ENG Library: Tape # 2

ENG Library: Tape #3

ENG Library: Tape #4
ENG Library: Storage #5
ENG Library: Tape #6

ENG Library: Tape #7

ENG Library: Tape #10 (May 9- June 10, 1977)
Family Doctor
File Tape: B
File Tape: C
File Tape: D

Box 4.
File Tape: M
File Tape: O 
File Tape: Q 
File Tape: R 
File Tape:
File Tape: Y 
File Tape: FF (Bike Special)
File Tape: GG
File Tape: MM
File Tape: RR
Freeze Frame: Tape #1
Freeze Frame: Tape #2

Friendship Savings & Loan
GMC Plant - Southeast Modernizing

Box 5.
Bailey Goss: (2 videos): News Clips #42(April 1951);Sports Parade
Grandison: (File; Old Sketches)
Gubernatorial Debate (10/8/82)
Gwynn Oak Park Demonstrations: (July 4, July 7, July 8, 1963)
Hart-Miller Island
Harvest - American Petroleum Institute
Head Ski
Herpies Boy
History (Vol. 14; Vol. 56)
Holiday Vintage Promos -December 1989

Box 6.
Holocaust - "Night & Fog" (2 tapes)
Homesteading Show
Harry Hughes
Hurricane footage - Ocean City; Inner Harbor Aerials (5/27/83)
Johns Hopkins Medical Giant
Kids - Getting Shots (immunization)
Laurel Races - Chrysanthemum and final handicap
Liquor Stores
Log Canoes
Look Back - 25 years ago (November 1973-1978)
Lure of the Bay
Mandel / Agnew
Maryland Army National Guard (121st Engineer Battalion Deployment to Panama,March 27, 1994)
Maryland Politics (Marvin Mandel)
Master File #3

Box 7.
Master File #4

Mayors of Baltimore
McKay, Jim - WMAR film transfers (2 tapes)
McKeldin, Theodore R. - Mayoral Inaugural - May/June 1949
Medical Research Labs
Presidents Day Storm, 1979
New Wealth from the Chesapeake
Model Urban Neighborhood Demonstration
National Aquariam: 3 NY Dolphins receive temporary home here; Shiloh first dolphin to be born at aquarium - 3/7/1992
National Primary (1956 newsreel)
Neighborhood Fair
New City in Town - Downtown
Newscast - Sally Thorner/Stan Stoval - not dated
Ocean City Boom or Bust
Ocean City Fire (Memorial Day 1986 & Assateague)
Ocean City Storm
Ocean City Reel #2

Box 8.
Old Baltimore Newsreel, 1918-1928
Park Circle
Pocomoke City
Polluted Paradise (Outdoors; Polluted Potomac)
Poly High School
Pride of Baltimore ( 1977 )
Refuse Plant
Republican National Convention (New Orleans (1989) - George Bush with stories on Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, etc.)
Salisbury, Maryland
Sample Footage #1
Sample Footage #2
Sample Footage #3
Schaefer,William Donald
Senate Debate - 8/17/86
Smith Island: (Ewell Harbor; Sunset/Soft crabs (7/29-30/86)

Box 9.
Snow Hill, Maryland
Sports: (Wrestling, football, horse racing, lacrosse -1948)
State Senate - 1985
State Police
Storage Tape #10
Storage Tape #11
Storage Tape #12
Sun Newspaper Strike
Trauma Center & Operating Room
T.M.I. [Two Mile Island]
Video History
Walker Trial
Wall Street
Waverly Press

Box 10.
Whooping Cranes Get Flight Assist (November 8, 1989)
World Series (1983 recap)
Years Ago (1950)
"New" York Road - Yorkie is Working