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Special Collections and Archives reserves the right to deaccession any materials from the repository. Formal removal of holdings may be initiated for any one or more of the following reasons:

  1. The material in question falls beyond the collecting scope of the repository 
  2. The material in question duplicates information already available in Special Collections and Archives 
  3. The material in question duplicates information available at another library or archival repository 
  4. The material in question is damaged or deteriorated beyond the point of repair or usability


When evaluating material for deaccession, Special Collections and Archives staff will consider the following issues:

  1. Access to information: Reasonable efforts are made to limit the potential negative impact to researchers 
  2. Alternate repositories: Reasonable efforts are made to identify institutions to acquire deaccessioned material through records transfer 
  3. Records restrictions: The terms of records restriction or other considerations stipulated in donation agreements are honored 
  4. Donor’s wishes: Reasonable efforts are made to contact the original donor, heirs of the donor, or estate of the donor. All disposition decisions are to be made with the donor’s wishes in mind.

Final Disposition

Materials selected for deaccession will be handled in one of the following ways:

  1. Transfer - Materials may be returned to the original donor, family or estate of the original donor, or transferred to an appropriate scholarly institution that maintains a public research repository.
  2. Destruction - Materials ineligible for records transfer may be destroyed.
  3. Sale - Proceeds from the sale of any material are used exclusively for maintenance and preservation of existing collections in the repository.

All material selected for deaccession requires a completed Record Deaccession Form. 

University Records

For information regarding the transfer and destruction of University Records, please see the  University Archives Records Management Policy .