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Want your students to stop searching blindly? We can show them how.

Instruction Room Information literacy is critical in today's society. Library instruction activities should be considered an integral part of the way the university meets its goals of providing an educated and skilled student body capable of functioning both within the academic environment and in career and non-academic settings.

Library instruction is just one part of Langsdale's Information Literacy Program. Faculty may request library instruction by completing a Library Instruction Class Request Form online, speaking to a librarian at the Reference Desk, or contacting Langsdale's Head of Information Literacy Initiatives, Natalie Burclaff.

When requesting library instruction, please consider the following:

  • Library instruction should be tailored to a particular assignment for students to fully benefit from the session.
  • Research shows that point-of-need library instruction is particularly valuable for students.  Plan to request your session when your students will be starting research for a project.
  • Instructors are required to attend library instruction sessions with their students and should plan to discuss the course and relevant assignments with the assigned librarian before the session.
  • Instruction requests are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If the time requested cannot be met, we will work with the faculty member to provide a mutually satisfactory alternative. Please try to allow two weeks' lead time to facilitate adequate preparation; your students will be the ones to benefit.

In the last few years, there have been huge changes in the way our users are offered indexing and full text material. Many databases are accessed with Web technology, and are available both on and off campus. Students need the technical skills to get the most from these tools and the intellectual skills to analyze the resources for their research needs. Library instruction sessions can help with both.

Faculty are encouraged to provide the designated librarian instructor with information on course assignments and resources that he/she would like covered during the class. With this information librarians can tailor instruction to the students' research needs.

The Library Instruction program is an integral part of the Langsdale Library. It seeks to improve the research skills of students and the ability of students to meet their academic objectives as well as to facilitate the faculty's teaching responsibilities.