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 Langsdale Library: a very brief history of a building


 The University of Baltimore was organized in 1925 with a School of Law and a College of Business Administration. On April 7, 1965, ground was broken for the new library of the University of Baltimore at the corner of Maryland Avenue and Oliver Street.

The library was named after one of the University’s founders, R. Loran Langsdale. In 1982 the Law Library moved from the Langsdale Library to its own location in the Law Center across Maryland Ave, which would eventually become the UB H. Mebane Turner Learning Commons. The new John and Frances Angelos Law Center opened on April 30, 2013 at the intersection of North Charles Street and Mt. Royal Avenue which included the UB Law Library. In May of 2014, the Langsdale Library followed suit by moving into to the old Law Library location in the H. Mebane Turner Learning Commons while the original Langsdale building at 1420 Maryland Ave undergoes major renovations.

Langsdale is projected to move back to its original space in 2016.


Langsdale Library, exterior 1970's

A man reading, in Langsdale, from the 1970's