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Be part of something exciting!

Langsdale Library has several new projects underway and we could use your help. (Donations can also be made to Langsdale Library's general fund.)

Special Projects

Help send UB to the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Writing Center Association Conference


Send Student Scholars to MAWCA

We are very proud that 5 of our current UB Writing Center staff members have been selected to present at this year's Mid-Atlantic Writing Center Association annual conference in Glassboro, NJ. The theme for the conference is "Writing Centers in Activism" and our group panel is titled "Mind the Gap: Exploring the Spaces Between Writing, Identity, and Culture." The focus of the panel is to examine the difference between the lived experience of students and the expectations of higher education. We need your support to raise the $3,500 necessary to send these 5 presenters, along with 5 additional staff tutors to the conference in late March. Participation on a MAWCA panel provides valuable professional development and training opportunities for our participants. Ultimately it will allow us to better serve the UB community members who seek support at the Writing Center.

students working in a group


Langsdale's Makerspace

Makerspaces are creative, DIY spaces where students can gather to work on projects, collaborate, network, create, invent, and learn. They also afford students access to equipment and resources typically not available to individuals working alone. Plans for Langsdale's makerspace include 3D printers and scanners, Arduino electronics boards and components, and Raspberry Pi microcomputers.

black and white photograph of Planned Parenthood Association of Maryland display


Planned Parenthood Collection

Langsdale Library is teaming up with UMBC and Planned Parenthood of Maryland to hire a project archivist to process nearly a century's worth of records detailing the history of Planned Parenthood in Maryland, as well as create a traveling exhibition--but in order to meet the overall goal of $20,000, Langsdale Library must raise $5,000.

photo of White Lung Association artifacts


White Lung Association Preservation Project

The White Lung Association (WLA),  a worker-led nonprofit, spent 30 years educating the general public about the hazards of asbestos exposure. The WLA worked on a national level to help craft regulations and laws, train asbestos abatement professionals, help those sick with asbestos-related illnesses, and review buildings for asbestos exposure, as well as develop numerous projects and campaigns to eliminate public exposure to asbestos. Langsdale Library's Special Collections  department recently acquired the WLA's archive, and needs funding to organize, appraise, and catalog documents for the final collection, and make this important collection available to researchers and the general public.