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Langsdale Library

Box 51

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 51. Files

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
8/5/1970 Safe - Garmatz Executive Session HDB Statement/Letter FMC10-51
2/2/1968 Freight Rates Letters/Newspaper Clips/Magazine Clip/Petition FMC1-51
7/27/1954 Freighters Research Report/Magazine Clip FMC2-51
10/**/59 Fringe Benefits Benefit Booklets FMC3-51
7/26/1966 Senator J.W. Fulbright - Merchant Marine Statement FMC4-51
11/7/1977 Fundraising Fundraiser Program FMC5-51
2/**/66 Andrew Furriest Foundation - Merchant Marine Newsletter FMC6-51
5/**/60 The Future of Ships - Merchant Marine Address/Magazine Clips/Press Release/Speech FMC7-51
1/21/1966 Gallant Ship Citations - Merchant Marines Ship Citations FMC8-51
5/22/1968 Garmatz - Merchant Marine Letter/Newspaper Clip FMC9-51
5/5/1975 proposed surcharges to U.S. and Puerto Rican Trade (docket 73-12) memos and reports FMC-10-51
11/20/1973 possible breach of Pacific Coast Rate agreement(docket 73-18) memos and reports FMC-11-51
5/14/1974 agreement T-2635-2 (docket 73-24) memos and reports FMC-12-51
6/26/1975 discriminatory rates in U.S.-Japan trade (docket73-28 and 73-29) memos and reports FMC-13-51
6/18/1973 barges at the Port of Philadelphia (docket 73-35) memos and reports FMC-14-51
9/6/1974 Truck Detention at the port of New York (docket71-42) memos and report FMC-1-51
7/9/1973 Council of North Atlantic Shipping Associations(docket 73-38) memos and reports FMC-15-51
9/25/1975 board of commissioners for the Port of New Orleans (docket 73-42) memos and reports FMC-16-51
8/8/1973 responsibility for removing oil and other hazardous substances memos and reports FMC-17-51
12/31/1974 rules governing increases in contract rates (docket 73-53) memos and reports FMC-18-51
1/22/1975 agreement 10056 (docket 73-72) memos and reports FMC-19-51
8/28/1975 modification of agreement 3302 (docket memos and reports FMC-20-51
2/4/1975 Del. River Port Auth. vs. American Trailer Transport (docket 73-78) memos and reports FMC-21-51
12/21/1973 cargo practices at U.S. Ports (docket 73-80) memos and reports FMC-22-51
7/21/1975 agreement 10066 (docket 74-5) memos and reports FMC-23-51
3/18/1975 further extension of approval of agreement9955 (docket 74-17) memos and reports FMC-24-51
11/28/1972 level of military rates not detrimental to commerce(docket 72-43) memos and reports FMC-2-51
7/28/1975 agreement between Puerto Rico Maritime Shipping Authority and Puerto Rico Marine Management (docket 74-44) memos and reports FMC-25-51
6/3/1975 policy and procedures for environmental protection(docket 75-6) memos and reports FMC-26-51
5/29/1975 agreements 10107 and 10108 (docket 75-16) memos and reports FMC-27-51
6/26/1975 petition of North Atlantic French Atlantic Freight Conference (docket 75-13) memos and reports FMC-29-51
9/8/1975 Pacific Westbound Conference Review(docket 72-46) memos and reports FMC-3-51
1/30/1975 violations in working arrangements (docket 72-48) memos and reports FMC-4-51
1/17/1974 agreements T-2455 and T-2553 (docket 72-61) memos and reports FMC-5-51
12/18/1974 regulations to adjust unfair conditions in foreign shipping (docket memos and reports FMC-6-51
unknown section 15 agreements (docket 73-5) memos and reports FMC-7-51
2/22/1974 increases in rates of U.S. and Puerto Rican trade(docket 73-6) memos and reports FMC-8-51
2/26/1973 agreement T-2719 (docket 73-7) memos and reports FMC-9-51
12/5/1969 3/12/1970 Docket FMC-29-51
6/23/1971 Dockets 71-28 Docket FMC-30-51
5/23/1974 Docket - 72-17 Docket FMC-31-51
8/4/1972 Docket 72-40 Docket FMC-32-51
11/5/1973 Docket 72-62 News Release/Docket FMC-33-51