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Langsdale Library

Box 62

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 62. Projects & Problems

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
6/5/1972 letter to Congressman Garmatz letter FMC-1-62
9/15/1970 reservation to Capitol Hill Club letter and menu FMC-2-62
6/1/1972 employment questions addressed to Connie Gibbes letters FMC-3-62
3/6/1972 letter to S.H. Gould letter FMC-4-62
10/28/1973 letter from Mildred Grempler letter FMC-5-62
12/16/1971 letters from Hendrix and other Union officials letters FMC-10-62
3/29/1974 letter from E.T. Hermann letter FMC-11-62
1/25/1972 letter to Marguerite Herrington letter FMC-12-62
5/18/1974 letter to Minnie Hogan letter FMC-13-62
5/7/1971 letters concerning the Holland America Line in relation to the TS letters FMC-14-62
6/20/** memo about Wayne Horovitz memo FMC-15-62
8/1/** memo about Ted Huffcut memo FMC-16-62
9/25/1972 letter from Irene Hughes letter FMC-17-62
4/20/1973 memos and letters concerning Rise Jackson memos and letters FMC-18-62
9/17/1974 letters to Leonard James letters FMC-19-62
8/29/1974 information gathered from Jane's Fighting Ships background information FMC-20-62
9/18/1970 letter to W.A. Jeffries letter FMC-21-62
11/11/1971 letters to Rhea Johnson letters FMC-22-62
5/25/1971 letters to G.E. Joyce letters FMC-23-62
9/7/1974 data on the Kaiulani Project memos, letters and reports FMC-24-62
8/2/1973 letters to Capt. Edwin C. Kaminski letters FMC-25-62
2/23/1973 letter to the Hon. Patricia Hitt letter FMC-26-62
8/15/1974 letter to H. Chalmers Kerr letter FMC-27-62
8/10/1972 memos on Russell Kirk memos and letters FMC-28-62
5/10/1973 memo on Ralph Knowlton memo FMC-29-62
7/14/1971 memo on Manuel Kulukundis memo FMC-30-62
4/3/1973 Leadership Foundation Letters letters and memos FMC-31-62
unknown gift to Mrs. Bentley from R. Gilbert pictures, notes and a letter FMC-6-62
4/14/1972 involvement with the Gridiron Club letters and invitations FMC-7-62
Invalid Date 0 letters FMC-8-62
1/27/1972 letters to Mrs. Bentley from the Governor of Samoa letter FMC-9-62