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Langsdale Library

Box 95

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 95. Reports, Bureau - Officer

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
3/31/1975 Field Coordinator Bureaus/Offices FMC-10-95
6/19/1975 Office Of Personnel Letters/Memos FMC-11-95
10/15/1975 Bureau Of Compliance Letters/Memos FMC-12-95
6/15/1973 Division of Office Services Letters/Telegram/ FMC-13-95
10/31/1973 Office of the Secretary Letters FMC-14-95
11/6/1974 Public Information Letters/Questionnaire FMC-15-95
4/8/1975 Office of Legislative Counsel Memo/Letter FMC-16-95
9/12/1972 Office of Administrative Law Judges Memo FMC-17-95
8/26/1975 Office of the General Counsel Letters/Memo FMC-18-95
8/6/1970 8th Annual Report Letters/Report FMC-1-95
2/8/1972 Office of Agreements Letters/Notes FMC-19-95
12/18/1974 Office of Tariffs & Intermodalism Letters FMC-20-95
6/6/1975 Office of Domestic Commerce Letters FMC-21-95
8/22/1975 Bureau of Certification& Licensing Letters/Memo FMC-22-95
10/29/1971 Office of Water Pollution Responsibility Letters/Public Law 91-224 FMC-23-95
9/18/1970 Reorganization Memo/Manuel FMC-24-95
7/28/1972 Bureau of Hearing Counsel Letters/Memo FMC-25-95
7/26/1974 Bureau of Industry Economics Letter FMC-26-95
5/11/1970 Commissioners Report/Letters/Memo/Reorganization Plan FMC-27-95
11/7/1994 Federal Maritime Commission - 1100 L Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. Letters FMC-2-95
4/27/1973 FMC -Relocation of Office Space Letters/Memo FMC-3-95
11/16/1973 Office Of The Chairman Office Plans/Letters/Receipts FMC-4-95
8/22/1973 Changes Requested In New FMC Building Location Letter/Notes/Memo FMC-5-95
1/13/1973 Relocation Letters/Request FMC-6-95
Unknown Federal Maritime Commission Magazine Clip FMC-7-95
10/16/1974 Managing Director Letters/Memos FMC-8-95
1/9/1975 FMC: International Affairs Officer Memos/Newspaper Clip FMC-9-95