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Langsdale Library

Box 110

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 110. Assorted Issues - 1975

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
7/31/1978 regulatory agencies FMC Issues fmc-10-110
9/24/1969 Supersonic Transport FMC Issues fmc-1-110
3/24/1977 reg. agencies (FCC and ICC) FMC Issues fmc-11-110
unknown Us. responsibilities FMC Issues fmc-12-110
11/18/1975 resolutions FMC Issues fmc-13-110
10/19/1972 FMC-pollution FMC Issues fmc-14-110
7/13/1976 nuclear waste FMC Issues fmc-15-110
2/3/1975 nuclear power FMC Issues fmc-16-110
10/23/1974 FMC oil pollution FMC Issues fmc-17-110
2/9/1976 oil cartels FMC Issues fmc-18-110
5/30/1976 Arab oil FMC Issues fmc-19-110
11/29/1972 offshore drilling FMC Issues fmc-20-110
3/19/1976 senior citizens FMC Issues fmc-2-110
8/10/1972 Vietnam FMC Issues fmc-21-110
3/9/1974 urban programs FMC Issues fmc-22-110
unknown Unity General FMC Issues fmc-23-110
unknown trade FMC Issues fmc-24-110
1/28/1974 trade-general FMC Issues fmc-25-110
unknown Todd Shipyards Corporation FMC Issues fmc-26-110
**/**/75 Technology FMC Issues fmc-27-110
5/28/1958 Tariffs FMC Issues fmc-28-110
3/22/1977 tanker spills FMC Issues fmc-29-110
unknown security issues FMC Issues fmc-3-110
4/5/1976 Issues in Pornography FMC Issues fmc-4-110
unknown US-Russian Trade FMC Issues fmc-5-110
10/29/1971 Russian Shipping FMC Issues fmc-6-110
10/21/1975 Russia-US Grain FMC Issues fmc-7-110
10/29/1975 Russia (general) FMC Issues fmc-8-110
3/5/1976 productivity FMC Issues fmc-9-110