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Langsdale Library

Box 144

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 144. Miscellaneous Files

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
4/10/1970 A Logistics Reporting System for the Bureau of the Far East Report, Letters, Notes, Press Releases fmc-10-144
5/21/1970 Remarks by Andrew Gibson, Maritime Administrator, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, at Merchant Ships for the Seventies Forum Press Release fmc-11-144
1/31/1970 Power for Ships. Gotaverken Reports fmc-1-144
11/9/1971 Hearings before the Subcommittee on Oceanography on H.R. 2492. H.R. 2493. H.R. 9229 Hearings/Report fmc-12-144
**/**/** Directory of Maryland Exporters-Importers Directory fmc-13-144
12/31/1969 Rules 1969. The International Tanker Indemnity Association Ltd Report/Booklet fmc-14-144
**/**/** Tanker Owners Voluntary Agreement Concerning Liability for Oil Pollution Reports/Booklets fmc-15-144
**/**/** U.S. Naval War College. Competition, Rationalization, and United States Shipping Policy; by Robert Agman Report fmc-16-144
9/24/1975 Misc. News Clips re: Cuba & Panama News Articles fmc-18-144
**/**/** Hammond Historical Atlas Map fmc-2-144
12/31/1970 Atlantic Container Line Report/Magazine fmc-3-144
**/**/** The Minimum Requirements of a Port to Attract World Shipping; by A.D. Mackenzie Paper fmc-4-144
12/31/1969 Verk.Sam.Hets.Aret Report/Booklet fmc-5-144
4/30/1970 Government Executive - Vice President Agnew: The Man, The Image, The Office Magazine fmc-6-144
9/25/1975 Cargo Sharing and Liner Shipping; by Karl-Heinz Sager Lecture/Report fmc-7-144
12/31/1969 Maritime Subsidies Report/Booklet fmc-8-144
1/11/1970 Press Clips re: Federal Maritime Commission & Helen Delich Bentley, Chair News Articles fmc-9-144
9/26/1975 Misc. News Clips re: Alaska News Articles fmc-17-144
9/30/1975 Misc. News Clips re: Defense Issues News Articles fmc-19-144
9/30/1975 Misc. News Clips re: Commerce News Articles fmc-20-144
9/30/1975 Misc. News Clips re: Far East News Articles fmc-21-144
9/24/1975 Misc. News Clips re: Soviet Union News Articles fmc-22-144
9/30/1975 Misc. News Clips re: Washington Issues News Articles fmc-23-144
9/24/1975 Misc. News Clips re: Energy News Articles fmc-24-144
9/30/1975 Misc. News Clips re: Transportation News Articles fmc-25-144
2/26/1975 MarAd Press Clips News Articles fmc-26-144
2/19/1975 Liner Trades Walk the Tightrope News Article fmc-27-144
11/10/1975 Scott Reports Press Releases fmc-28-144
9/30/1975 Misc. Newspaper Clips, 1975 News Articles fmc-29-144
7/18/1973 Misc. FMC Letters Letters fmc-30-144
**/**/** Misc. Postcards Featuring Ships Postcards fmc-31-144
12/31/1974 Towsontowne Business & Professional Women's Club Bylaws Bylaws fmc-32-144
9/25/1975 HDB Remarks Before the International Symposium on the Future of Liner Shipping. Bremen, Germany Remarks fmc-33-144
9/17/1975 A Statement of National Transportation Policy Report fmc-34-144
5/1/1975 Economic Feasibility Study of Annual Cycle Energy System (ACES) by: Harry Fischer Report fmc-35-144
**/**/** Senator K. Inoway - S. 868 Statement fmc-36-144
5/6/1975 The Freedom of the Seas - What is Left of it? Speeches fmc-37-144
4/4/1975 Schenkers International Forwarders, Inc. Memo/Report fmc-38-144
5/5/1975 Amerpol International, Memo/Report fmc-38-144
6/4/1975 The U.S. Frigate Constellation Speech fmc-39-144
7/18/1975 International Transport Journal News Articles, Report fmc-40-144
12/31/1975 Development of New Systems in Liner Shipping Report/Booklet fmc-41-144
7/31/1973 Oil Spill Subsystem Report fmc-42-144
7/10/1975 The Future of Liner Shipping Letter, Booklet fmc-43-144
9/23/1975 BHF-Bank Newsletter fmc-44-144
3/1/1972 Sixth Annual Conference, N.Y. Maritime College Letters, Booklet, Remarks, Schedule fmc-45-144
2/24/1975 Misc. Memos Memos fmc-46-144
5/16/1975 What's Ahead for the American Merchant Marine? by: R.J. Pfeiffer Report fmc-47-144
8/9/1974 Report to the Committee on Shipping - UN Conference on Trade and Development Report fmc-48-144
6/23/1975 Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents Report fmc-49-144
**/**/** Christmas at the FMC Song Lyrics fmc-50-144
4/21/1975 Press Releases & Newsletters - April, 1975 Press Releases, Newsletters fmc-51-144
6/10/1975 New York Security Analysts Remarks fmc-52-144
5/26/1975 Women Today Newsletter fmc-53-144
6/23/1975 Southern Pacific Transportation Memo, Statement, Report fmc-54-144
7/31/1975 The Petroleum Economist Report fmc-55-144
1/2/1975 H.R. 12427 - To Amend Section 510 of the Merchant Marine Act, 1938 Act fmc-56-144
7/30/1974 The Great Lakes Task Force Reports fmc-57-144
10/31/1975 The Scott Report Reports fmc-58-144
4/28/1975 Speaking Notes re: Dockets Notes fmc-59-144
6/26/1975 FMC Legislative Proposals fmc-60-144
**/**/** Annual Cycle Energy System Equipment Report fmc-61-144
11/1/1974 Maritime Law Association Report fmc-62-144
6/10/1975 Ocean Freight Rate Disparities Report fmc-63-144
12/31/1975 List of HDB Speeches - 1975 List fmc-64-144
1/1/1975 Selected Workload Statistics Report fmc-65-144
6/30/1975 Misc. Letters - Oct. 1974 - June 1975 Letters fmc-66-144
6/30/1975 Misc. News Clips -1975 News Articles fmc-67-144