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Langsdale Library

Box 147

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 147. Letters, Correspondence, Nixon, Census

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
12/31/1969 Misc. Baltimore Sunpapers Articles re: HDB Appointment and other Maritime Issues News Clips fmc-10-147
4/15/1970 The Arctic News Articles fmc-11-147
5/31/1970 Finland as a Seafaring Nation Booklet fmc-1-147
9/30/1969 Misc. Newsweek Magazine News Clips News Clips fmc-12-147
3/25/1970 Misc. Newspaper Articles re: Asian Artery, Pakistan, Sweden, Puerto Rico News Articles fmc-13-147
12/31/1970 Newspaper Clips re: Helen Delich Bentley, Chairman, Federal Maritime Commission News Articles fmc-14-147
1/1/1970 Cooperation with Port Associations News Article fmc-15-147
3/20/1970 Wilmington Morning Star: Noted Maritime Writer to Speak (HDB) Newspaper fmc-16-147
3/31/1970 Port of Baltimore Newsletters Newsletters fmc-17-147
4/8/1969 OECD - Economic Surveys: Sweden Booklet fmc-18-147
5/9/1969 OECD - Economic Surveys: Germany Booklet fmc-19-147
8/22/1969 OECD - Economic Surveys: Austria Booklet fmc-20-147
9/1/1969 OECD - Economic Surveys: Japan Booklet fmc-21-147
12/31/1970 Facts About Finland - 1970 Booklet fmc-2-147
**/**/** Gotaverken - (Sweden) Booklet fmc-3-147
**/**/** Alaska: Land of Promise - Featuring the New Land Sea Route to Alaska Magazine fmc-4-147
**/**/** This is Alaska: America's Last Frontier Magazine fmc-5-147
**/**/** Greek Shipbuilders Enters a New Era Booklet fmc-6-147
**/**/** The Wilhelmsen Scandia Ships Report/Booklet fmc-7-147
12/31/1969 Misc. Life Magazine Clippings News Clips fmc-8-147
11/30/1969 Misc. Business Week Magazine Clippings News Clips fmc-9-147
12/31/1969 Letters: Misc. Requests - 1969 Letters fmc-22-147
12/31/1970 Letters: Misc. Requests -1970 Letters fmc-23-147
12/31/1971 Letters: Misc. Requests -1971 Letters fmc-24-147
12/31/1972 Letters: Misc. Requests -1972 Letters fmc-25-147
12/31/1973 Letters: Misc. Requests -1973 Letters fmc-26-147
12/31/1974 Letters: Misc. Requests -1974 Letters fmc-27-147
12/31/1975 Letters: Misc. Requests -1975 Letters fmc-28-147
12/31/1969 Misc. Letters: Nov. - Dec. 1969 Letters fmc-29-147
3/31/1970 Misc. Letters: Jan. - Mar. 1970 Letters fmc-30-147
6/30/1970 Misc. Letters: Apr. - Jun. 1970 Letters fmc-31-147
9/30/1970 Misc. Letters: Jul. - Sep. 1970 Letters fmc-32-147
12/31/1970 Misc. Letters: Oct. - Dec. 1970 Letters fmc-33-147
3/31/1974 Misc. Letters: Jan. - Mar. 1974 Letters fmc-34-147
6/30/1974 Misc. Letters: Apr. - Jun. 1974 Letters fmc-35-147
9/30/1974 Misc. Letters: Jul. - Sep. 1974 Letters fmc-36-147
12/31/1974 Misc. Letters: Oct. - Dec. 1974 Letters fmc-37-147
9/30/1971 Misc. Letters: Jul. - Sep. 1971 Letters fmc-38-147
12/31/1971 Misc. Letters: Oct. - Dec. 1971 Letters fmc-39-147
4/30/1971 Misc. Letters: Jan - Apr. 1971 Letters fmc-40-147
11/27/1970 Stewards News: President Nixon Signs Merchant Marine Act of1970 Newspaper fmc-41-147
11/20/1969 Wise Lady in a Man's World (HDB) News Article fmc-42-147
11/23/1969 Tugboat Annie Is Top Hat in Job (HDB) News Article fmc-43-147
11/17/1971 Lib Called Potent Political Force News Article fmc-44-147
11/14/1971 Helen Bentley to Speak at New College News Article fmc-45-147
11/14/1971 Maritime Chairman Visits MJC News Article fmc-46-147
11/17/1971 U.S. Female Official Praises Nixon's Record on Women News Article fmc-47-147
**/**/** Bentley Addresses Maritime News Article fmc-48-147
**/**/** Maritime Head Says U.S. Not Utilizing Containership News Article fmc-49-147
3/26/1971 Mrs. Bentley Views Our Port (Norfolk) News Article fmc-50-147
3/15/1971 (HDB) Wears Maritime Hat Well News Article fmc-51-147
3/22/1971 Fletcher School at Tufts Firebombed News Article fmc-52-147
3/22/1971 Names & Faces in the News News Article fmc-53-147
**/**/** Police Still Haven't Solved October Blast at Havard News Article fmc-54-147
3/22/1971 Fletcher School Dean's Offices Destroyed in Firebombing News Article fmc-55-147
3/22/1971 Fletcher and Dean Gullion Targets of Radicalism News Article fmc-56-147
3/18/1971 The Anti-Hope Show News Article fmc-57-147
3/10/1971 How President Sees Himself News Article fmc-58-147
3/10/1971 Objectors Can't Be Choosers News Article fmc-59-147
3/19/1971 McClosky is Willing to Challenge Nixon News Article fmc-60-147
3/19/1971 The Big Mistake: Putting Spotlight on Berrigans News Article fmc-61-147
**/**/** Protestors, Police Clash Briefly News Article fmc-62-147
**/**/** Agnew Scores CBS-TV for Biased Documentaries News Article fmc-63-147
4/11/1974 Misc. Watergate News Clips News Articles fmc-64-147
12/31/1971 Transportation Telephone Tickler - 1971 Booklet fmc-65-147
**/**/** Policies for an Efficient and Adequate National Transportation System Booklet fmc-66-147