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Langsdale Library

Box 152

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 152. Awards, Maritime

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
4/21/1971 Freedoms Foundation Programs Letters, Notes, Memos, fmc-10-152
10/25/1973 University of Michigan Letters fmc-11-152
6/11/1973 Thompson Award / Navy League Letters, Speeches, Drafts fmc-1-152
10/18/1971 University of Missouri - Gold Medal Award Letters, Press Releases, Programs, News Articles fmc-12-152
11/19/1969 Advertising Woman of the Year Letters, Drafts fmc-13-152
6/12/1971 Bryant College, Providence Rhode Island Draft, Backup, Press Releases fmc-14-152
1/26/1972 Freight Forwarders - Man of the Year Letters, Draft fmc-15-152
9/17/1971 AOTOS Award Letters, Programs, News Clip fmc-16-152
6/15/1973 Saints & Sinners News Articles fmc-17-152
4/12/1972 Misc. Biographical Information on HDB R sum s, News Articles, Letters fmc-18-152
12/31/1970 The Renegotiation Board Report fmc-19-152
12/31/1970 The Port of New York Authority - 1970 Annual Report Report fmc-20-152
12/31/1970 Pacific Maritime Association Annual Report - 1970 Report fmc-21-152
5/20/1972 National Transportation Week Letter, Certificate fmc-2-152
12/31/1970 Tampa Port Authority - 1970 Annual Report Report fmc-22-152
11/30/1970 Turbo Power Tech Talk: Low Cost Fuels Report fmc-23-152
12/31/1974 International Nickel Magazine Magazine fmc-24-152
12/31/1975 Public Policy Issues and Realistic Proposals ... From the 1975 Chicago World Trade Conference Report fmc-25-152
6/30/1975 Oceanborne Foreign Trade: Lifeblood of the Port Report fmc-26-152
12/31/1974 Hapag-Lloyd Aktiengesellschaft - Annual Report - 1974 Report fmc-27-152
3/31/1975 Todd Shipyards Corporation - Annual Report - 1975 Report fmc-28-152
**/**/** On a True Course: The Story of the National Maritime Union - AFL-CIO Book fmc-29-152
12/31/1974 The Renegotiation Board Report fmc-30-152
12/31/1973 Letters & Misc. Requests Letters fmc-31-152
11/20/1973 Religious Heritage of America Letters, Folder fmc-3-152
7/24/1972 Nixon Re-Elect Information Letters, Notes fmc-32-152
4/27/1972 1972 - Republican Woman of the Year Letters, Citation fmc-4-152
1/17/1975 Jerry Land Medal Letters, Booklet, News Clip fmc-5-152
6/9/1970 University of Maryland Letters, Notes, Program fmc-6-152
5/23/1974 AWARE Letter, Program fmc-7-152
2/16/1971 Awards - General - Other than Chairman Letters, News Articles, Program fmc-8-152
**/**/** University of Alaska Photo fmc-9-152