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Langsdale Library

Box 159

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 159. Miscellaneous Files

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
3/6/1974 AZF Comments re: Uncle Sam Invites You Layout fmc-1-159
5/31/1974 Finished Notes - May, 1974 Notes fmc-12-159
4/30/1974 Economic Role of Press Release fmc-13-159
4/30/1973 Biography Information of HDB Resumes, Notes, Letters fmc-14-159
10/10/1973 Notes for Propeller Club Speech Notes fmc-15-159
11/30/1973 Finished Speech Notes - Fall 1973 Notes fmc-16-159
**/**/** Office Filing Titles List fmc-17-159
11/30/1974 Finished Speech Notes - Fall 1974 Notes fmc-18-159
8/31/1974 Heritage Groups, GOP Newsletters, Reports fmc-19-159
1/1/1974 General Services Administration Reports, Booklets, Newsletters fmc-20-159
**/**/** Hanks Seafood Company, Inc. Booklets fmc-21-159
2/14/1974 Lease Financing of 50 Bicentennial Barges Memo fmc-2-159
12/31/1973 Women - 1973 Reports, Booklets, News Articles fmc-22-159
7/9/1973 ARBC Presentations - 6/4& 7/9/73 Reports fmc-23-159
12/31/1974 Notes for Speeches - 1974 Notes, Calendar fmc-24-159
10/4/1973 Women Statistics Notes fmc-25-159
4/7/1973 Close Up Letters, Booklets/Folder fmc-26-159
7/1/1972 White House re: Merchant Fleet Revitalization Press Releases, News Articles fmc-27-159
7/14/1973 Boswell Demotion is Nullified News Article fmc-28-159
6/2/1973 Address of the Vice President of the United States: Drexel Address fmc-29-159
6/29/1973 MARAD Sets Fiscal Year Record for Ship Construction Contracts Press Release fmc-30-159
7/25/1973 Special Fleet Proposed to Transport American Bicentennial Via Nation's Waterways - HDB Address fmc-31-159
12/31/1974 Uncle Sam Standing on Deck of Barge: Uncle Sam's Fleet Layout, Plan fmc-3-159
6/9/1973 Facts for Columbus, Ohio Speech Letters, Report fmc-32-159
5/18/1973 Dundalk's Berths 11 and 12 Dedicated as Baltimore's New Container Center Press Release fmc-34-159
6/22/1973 Japanese Plan Steel Mill in New York News Article fmc-35-159
5/1/1973 Maritime Clich s Have Become Shopworn Press Release fmc-36-159
3/21/1973 Women as Economic Equals - Conference Proceedings Report fmc-37-159
3/23/1973 Report to the Congress: Ways to Improve U.S. Foreign Trade Strategies Report fmc-38-159
4/9/1973 Litton Optimistic About Future of Troubled Shipyard News Article fmc-39-159
7/14/1973 Ship Cargo Curb Order is Vacated News Article fmc-40-159
7/13/1973 Court Order Halts Cargo Shipping Policy News Article fmc-41-159
2/28/1974 Uncle Sam Invites You Program fmc-4-159
3/12/1973 Address by the Vice President of the U.S. Associated General Contractors of America Convention Address fmc-42-159
12/31/1973 Academic Women in 1973: Progress and Prospects. Alice Rossi Report fmc-43-159
12/31/1970 Alice Rossi: Women - Terms of Liberation Report fmc-44-159
2/28/1970 Discrimination and Demography Restrict Opportunities for Academic Women. Alice Rossi Report fmc-45-159
3/31/1972 Family Development in a Changing World. Alice Rossi Report fmc-46-159
8/31/1969 Abortion & Social Change. Alice Rossi Report fmc-47-159
2/28/1970 Alice Rossi. Status of Women in Graduate Departments of Sociology, 1968-1969 Report fmc-48-159
8/31/1971 Report of Committee W, 1970-71 Report fmc-49-159
4/30/1974 Marine Technology: Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers Report fmc-50-159
**/**/** The Oceanic Contribution to Quality Living, by Gilven Slonim Article fmc-5-159
**/**/** The Good Ship. Can She Stay Afloat? by Blaine Taylor Article fmc-6-159
1/22/1974 Discussion Papers: Presidents Interagency Committee on Export Expansion Reports fmc-7-159
12/11/1974 Address by Sec. of Commerce Frederick B. Dent before The Electrical League of New York re: Energy Crisis Address fmc-8-159
12/7/1973 Address by Sec. of Commerce re: Trade Address fmc-9-159
4/19/1974 Science: American Association for the Advancement of Science- Energy Magazine fmc-51-159
12/10/1973 U.S. News & World Report: Energy Shortage Strikes Home Magazine fmc-52-159
5/7/1973 Time Magazine: The Energy Crisis Magazine fmc-53-159
2/28/1974 Naval War College Review: First Anniversary of the Release of Prisoners of War Report/Book fmc-54-159
6/1/1970 Reply to the Rockefeller Report on the Mission to South and Central America Report fmc-55-159
5/28/1966 Guyana News Article fmc-56-159
12/22/1975 Kuwait News Article fmc-57-159
**/**/** Lourenco Marques News Article fmc-58-159
7/21/1971 Yugoslavia - Tourist Maps Maps fmc-59-159
7/25/1971 Pamphlets re: Pamphlets, Booklets fmc-60-159
5/31/1970 National Geographic: Yugoslavia - Six Republics in One Magazine fmc-61-159
12/31/1970 Yugoslavia - The Country and its People Book fmc-62-159
12/31/1966 Serbian Orthodox Church - Its Past and Present Book fmc-63-159
**/**/** Yugoslavia - Slovenia Booklet fmc-64-159