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Langsdale Library

Box 164

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 164. Northwest Passage 

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
9/11/1969 Alaska's Richest Day: $900 Million Newspaper nw-10-1
9/15/1969 Manhattan is Behind News Article nw-1-1
9/16/1969 A Memorable Day in Alaska's History Newspaper nw-11-1
**/**/** The Home Stretch: Manhattan Steams Down a Chilly Victory Lane News Article nw-2-1
9/16/1969 The Poorest People in the Nation: A Description of Alaska's Natives News Article nw-3-1
9/16/1969 Miller to Visit Manhattan During Grand Unit Tour News Article nw-4-1
9/17/1969 Rep Pollock Promises Fight for Icebreaker Fleet Buildup News Article nw-5-1
9/21/1969 Opening the Arctic: The Epic Voyage of the S.S. Manhattan News Article nw-6-1
11/30/1969 The Manhattan Crunches on It's Path to Alaska News Article nw-7-1
9/23/1969 Alaska Overrated? News Article nw-8-1
9/18/1969 Alaska's New Face News Article nw-9-1
**/**/** Northwest Passage Will Play Big Role in Canada's Future News Article nw-12-1
**/**/** The Icebreaker Cometh, School Doors Closeth News Article nw-13-1
9/18/1969 Canadians See Northwest Passage Problems News Article nw-14-1
9/17/1969 Canadians Spur Search for Arctic Oil: Discoveries in Alaska News Article nw-15-1
**/**/** S.S. Manhattan Voyage: Canada in the North Folder nw-158-1
9/16/1969 Proposed Route to the Canadian Arctic News Article nw-16-1
**/**/** Department of Transportation - Canada - Communications Report nw-17-1
2/11/1970 Icebreaker Utilized: Coast Guard Gathering West Alaska Water Data News Article nw-18-1
6/1/1970 U.S. Coast Guard Plans for New Ice Breaker News Article nw-19-1
**/**/** Voyage of the Manhattan Script nw-101-1
**/**/** The Voyage of the Manhattan -- A Progress Report Script nw-106-1
9/16/1969 Helen Bentley First Woman to Trek Northwest Passage News Article nw-104-1
8/12/1969 Seafaring Writer Rules the Waves News Article nw-109-1
11/1/1969 Former Scholarship Winner (HDB) Takes Part in Historic Voyage News Article nw-129-1
8/14/1969 New Maritime Chairman to Witness Ice-Breaking by Petroleum Steamship News Article nw-131-1
8/20/1969 She'll Break Ice With 180 Men News Article nw-132-1
**/**/** Nixon Nominee Gets Her Way: Salty Mrs. Bentley to Break Ice News Article nw-133-1
8/13/1969 One of Nixon's Ladies to Witness N.W. Passage Ice Break News Article nw-134-1
9/17/1969 Icebreaker Changes Course to Avoid Polar Pack News Article nw-135-1
8/12/1969 Shortage of Welders Delays SS Manhattan News Article nw-116-1
10/6/1969 Young Couple Administers to Eskimo Community in Canada News Article nw-21-1
9/16/1969 In Eskimo Village: Pastel House, Skid-Doo Replace Igloo & Dog Sled News Article nw-22-1
9/25/1969 Around the Waterfront: by Helen Delich Bentley - Canada Held Likely Oil Port Site News Article nw-23-1
9/18/1969 Stockbroker Serves as Chief Cook & Manager in Northwest Territory News Article nw-24-1
9/20/1969 Around the Waterfront: by Helen Delich Bentley - Manhattan's Voyage Raises Pollution Fears in Canada News Article nw-25-1
9/10/1969 Around the Waterfront: by Helen Delich Bentley - Manhattan is Merely a Model News Article nw-26-1
10/9/1969 Pictorial History of Ice Breaking Tanker Manhattan (Photo's by HDB) News Article nw-27-1
9/15/1969 Manhattan Conquers Northwest Passage News Article nw-28-1
**/**/** Manhattan News Article nw-29-1
9/21/1969 Manhattan's Trip Through Ice Means Development of Arctic News Article nw-30-1
9/19/1969 Manhattan Due Symbolic Oil News Article nw-56-1
**/**/** Humble Says Arctic Shipping Feasible but Pipelines May Have Economic Edge Press Release nw-156-1
**/**/** Humble News: Northwest Passage Souvenir Section Newsletter nw-31-1
9/29/1969 She Did It, She Conquered the Northwest Passage News Ad nw-32-1
**/**/** Manhattan's Ice Parties Hard Work for Men Who Plot Ships Path in Ice Press Release nw-33-1
11/12/1969 Manhattan Welcomes SS Manhattan Press Release nw-34-1
12/19/1968 ESSO Fleet News: Northwest to Alaska Press Release nw-35-1
**/**/** Humble News: Hello Tiger, this is Blue Nose Press Release nw-36-1
8/7/1969 ESSO Fleet News: A-OK for Arctic Voyage to Alaska Press Release nw-37-1
9/4/1969 ESSO Fleet News: On Voyage to the Top of the World Newsletter nw-38-1
11/10/1969 Voyage of Manhattan Press Release nw-39-1
8/11/1969 Icebreaker S.S. Manhattan Ready for Northwest Passage Voyage Press Release nw-89-1
9/9/1969 Letters From HDB to Senators and Other Colleagues from Aboard the S.S. Manhattan Letters nw-113-1
**/**/** Manhattan for Navy Magazine Notes nw-20-1
11/1/1969 Northwest Passage: A 500 Year Dream Folder nw-40-1
9/13/1969 Tanker Manhattan Stuck Fast in Ice News Article nw-114-1
8/4/1969 Malfunctions Delay Arctic-Bound Ship News Article nw-115-1
8/20/1969 Northwest Passage Voyage Delayed Until the Weekend News Article nw-123-1
**/**/** Triumphant S.S. Manhattan is Welcomed News Article nw-136-1
9/15/1969 Northwest Passage Claimed Feasible Route News Article nw-137-1
10/31/1969 Black Gold: Stakes Are High for Merchant Marine and Nation in Northwest Passage Try News Article nw-145-1
2/28/1970 The Meaning of the Manhattan News Article nw-155-1
9/22/1969 Trailblazer in the Arctic: Informal Ships, Historic Mission News Article nw-41-1
9/1/1969 Opening the Arctic: Big Tankers Challenge of Northwest Passage May Have Wide Impact News Article nw-42-1
8/31/1969 Exploring the Northwest Passage News Article nw-43-1
9/16/1969 Manhattan Implications Go Behind Oil Shipment News Article nw-44-1
9/21/1969 Northwest Passage: Route to Riches. Voyage May Help Speed Alaskan Oil to Eastern Points News Article nw-45-1
9/15/1969 Aboard Manhattan: Humble Shoots for Year-Around Capacity News Article nw-46-1
7/30/1969 Shape of Tanker Fleet Tied to Alaska Oil Find News Article nw-47-1
7/29/1969 Manhattan Will Try Arctic Route to North Slope News Article nw-48-1
8/31/1969 The Great Arctic Ice Gamble News Article nw-49-1
7/4/1969 S.S. Manhattan to Seek Trouble in Arctic News Article nw-50-1
10/18/1969 Arctic Divers Faced Death in Icy Waters News Article nw-51-1
12/21/1969 Manhattan's Epic Voyage Opened the Ice and Many Questions News Article nw-52-1
8/25/1969 Tanker Leaves to Conquer Fabled Northwest Passage News Article nw-53-1
10/26/1969 Ice Scientists Day: Seeking Polar Data News Article nw-54-1
9/19/1969 Submarine Tugs May Enter Race for Arctic Oil News Article nw-55-1
9/15/1969 Manhattan: $40 Million Gamble News Clip nw-57-1
**/**/** Just Beginning, Says N.Y. Times News Article nw-58-1
**/**/** Manhattan Voyage May Be Just Futile Exercise, Says Journal News Article nw-59-1
9/15/1969 Manhattan Sails Out for Northwest Passage News Article nw-60-1
9/18/1969 Manhattan Will Retrace Route News Article nw-61-1
11/19/1969 S.S. Manhattan Novel, but Useful News Article nw-62-1
9/12/1969 Stuck Manhattan Breaks Free: Ice Grips Supertanker News Article nw-63-1
8/31/1969 Biologist Tests Oil Pollution Danger in Arctic News Article nw-64-1
7/7/1969 S.S. Manhattan to Seek Trouble in Arctic News Article nw-65-1
9/29/1969 North Slope Oil and Ship Costs News Article nw-66-1
7/14/1969 No Problems on Panarctic Voyage News Article nw-67-1
2/9/1970 Icebreaker: Saga of Northwest Passage Interview with Capt. Thomas C. Pullen News Article nw-68-1
8/12/1969 Delay Northwest Passage Trip for Giant Tanker - Icebreaker News Article nw-69-1
9/4/1969 Tanker Passes Test of Cracks Ice in Arctic News Article nw-70-1
9/24/1969 Humble Lifts Estimate of Cost of Shipping Oil by Northwest Passage News Article nw-71-1
9/15/1969 Manhattan Makes It News Article nw-72-1
3/1/1970 North for Oil: Manhattan Makes the Historic Northwest Passage News Article nw-90-1
**/**/** North by Northwest: (Photo of Manhattan) Photo nw-111-1
**/**/** Postcard of S.S. Manhattan Postcard nw-112-1
5/12/1969 A Discourse to Prove a Passage by the Northwest to Cathia Report nw-73-1
**/**/** A Passage to Prudhoe Bay Report nw-76-1
**/**/** Backgrounder: Panarctic Oils Ltd. Report nw-81-1
2/2/1970 The Arctic Coast of Alaska Today and in the Year 2000 Report nw-86-1
12/26/1969 How Unknown is the North American Arctic Report nw-87-1
**/**/** D.O.T. Assists in Historic Cruise Through Northwest Passage Report nw-107-1
**/**/** Department of Transport Telecommunications Branch Report nw-108-1
9/24/1969 Letter From Congressman Pollock to Congressman Garmatz Letter nw-77-1
**/**/** Origin of the Polar Continental Shelf Project Report nw-80-1
**/**/** The Northwest Passage: Historical Data Report nw-84-1
**/**/** Chronology of Canadian Arctic Explorations and Present Day Arctic Operations of the Canadian Coast Guard Report nw-88-1
**/**/** Meteorological Branch: Department of Transport - Canada: Key to Ice Symbols Report nw-85-1
**/**/** Map of the Northwest Passage Map nw-74-1
8/29/1969 Canada Map - Meteorological Branch Map nw-75-1
**/**/** A Quarter Century of Surveying and Research in the Arctic Report nw-78-1
**/**/** Navigation in Arctic Waters Report nw-79-1
10/31/1969 Alaska: The Land and the People Report nw-83-1
8/6/1969 Science Probes a Trade Route - The Manhattan Report nw-82-1
**/**/** Arctic Expert Represents Canada on Manhattan (Capt. Thomas Pullen) Biography nw-100-1
**/**/** Captain Arthur W. Smith Biography nw-91-1
**/**/** Captain Donald E. Graham Biography nw-92-1
**/**/** Background Information: S.S. Manhattan Press Release nw-93-1
**/**/** The S.S. Manhattan's Historic Voyage Report nw-94-1
8/28/1969 Crew List: S.S. Manhattan List nw-95-1
**/**/** Captain Paul Fournier Biography nw-96-1
9/11/1969 S.S. Manhattan: Terrain Profile Data nw-99-1
10/17/1969 Manhattan's Arctic Trip Helps. Submarine Freighters Are on the Horizon News Article nw-142-1
10/2/1969 Manhattan's Voyage May Lead to Building Other Arctic Ships News Article nw-143-1
11/12/1969 Remarks of J.K. Jamieson, Standard Oil Company, S.S. Manhattan Press Conference Remarks nw-97-1
11/12/1969 Remarks of M. A. Wright, Humble Oil Company, S.S. Manhattan Press Conference Remarks nw-98-1
9/14/1969 Statement by Stanley B. Haas, Mission Director, Arctic Marine Task Force, Humble Oil & Refining Company Statement nw-102-1
9/13/1969 Statement by Helen Delich Bentley Aboard Manhattan Statement nw-103-1
9/13/1969 Hot Line Snarls Nixon Appointee News Article nw-105-1
9/18/1969 S.S. Manhattan Authorized Additional Press Communications by FCC for N.W. Passage Trip Press Release nw-110-1
9/16/1969 Victoria, She Ain't (HDB) News Article nw-117-1
9/16/1969 Icebreaker's Newsmen Stilled Because of Woman's Expletive News Article nw-118-1
9/16/1969 Salty Language Delaying News News Article nw-119-1
9/16/1969 Lady's Salty Language Blacked Out Icebreaker News Article nw-120-1
9/17/1969 Scapegoat in Manhattan Silence, Says Mrs. Bentley News Article nw-121-1
9/16/1969 Lady at Sea In Hot Water With FCC News Article nw-122-1
9/16/1969 Tugboat Bentley Blacks Out Radio News Article nw-124-1
9/13/1969 Even a Lady at Sea Can't Swear Saltily News Article nw-125-1
10/3/1969 Other Four Letter Words News Article nw-126-1
**/**/** !#$!... Press Loses Voice on Ice Floe News Article nw-127-1
**/**/** Mrs. Bentley's Expletive No Worse Than Others News Article nw-128-1
9/12/1969 Obscenity Disrupts Communication News Article nw-130-1
**/**/** Humble Explains Radio Blackout News Article nw-138-1
**/**/** Mrs. Bentley's Expletive No Worse than Others News Article nw-139-1
9/21/1969 Nixon Appointee's Slip of the Lip. What Did That Lady Say? News Article nw-140-1
9/12/1969 Her Salty Language Fouls Radio Hookup News Article nw-141-1
10/27/1969 Scapegoat News Article nw-144-1
9/13/1969 Even a Lady at Sea Can't Swear Saltily News Article nw-146-1
9/13/1969 Hot-Line Snarls FMC Appointee News Article nw-147-1
9/12/1969 Radio Net Cut by Obscenity News Article nw-148-1
9/13/1969 Nixon Aid Says She Said -- On Air, But Who's Listening News Article nw-149-1
9/13/1969 Woman's Quip in Anglo-Saxon Angers FCC News Article nw-150-1
9/13/1969 Mrs. Bentley's Salty Language Stings Ears of FCC Bureaucrat News Article nw-151-1
9/14/1969 Mrs. Bentley Said Blip and Lost her Voice News Article nw-152-1
9/14/1969 There's Ice Aboard the Manhattan Too. One Woman Aboard Ship and her Words Banned News Article nw-153-1
9/17/1969 Manhattan Spokesman Says We Over-Reacted: Blue Word on Radio Humbly Explained News Article nw-154-1
**/**/** Gal Breaks Ice on Ship with Frosty Expression News Article nw-157-1