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Langsdale Library

Box 28

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series VII. Balkans

Box 28.

Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
Misc. News clips re: Kosovo, Feb - July, 1990 News Articles b-57-28
Misc. News clips re: Elections in Slovenia and Croatia, Dec, 1989 - June 1990 News Articles b-58-28
Misc. News clips re: Yugoslavia on the Brink of War: Jan.-Feb. 1991 News Articles b-59-28
Misc. News clips re: Yugoslavia on the Brink of War: Mar.-Apr. 1991 News Articles b-60-28
Misc. News clips re: Yugoslavia on the Brink of War: May-Jun. 1991 News Articles b-61-28
pecial Report: "Long Memories and Short Fuses Change and Instability in the Balkans. by Stephen Larrabee Report b-62-28
Communism's Legacy: How Tito's Heirs Made a Mess of Yugoslavia News Article b-63-28
Workers Strikes in Yugoslavia News Article b-64-28
Krajina -- Clashes in Croatia - Spring, 1991 News Articles b-65-28
Krajina -- Serbian Refugees - Spring, 1991 News Article, Letter b-66-28
Notes on Yugoslavia-Spring, 1991 Notes b-67-28
Misc. News clips re: Yugoslav Federal Army - Spring, 1991 News Articles b-68-28
Misc. News clips re: Negotiations in Yugoslavia, March 18-28, 1991 News Articles b-69-28
Serbia - Demonstrations by Opposition News Articles b-70-28
Kosovo Non-Participation in Peace Conference Petition, Report b-71-28
Kosovo: Committee for the Defense of Human Rights and Freedoms - April, 1991 Report b-72-28
The Kosovo Crisis and Human Rights in Yugoslavia Report b-73-28
Explanation of Ethnic Clashes Report b-74-28
Misc. Editorials re: The Former Yugoslavia - July 1992 News Articles b-75-28
Misc. Articles re: The Fighting in Sarajevo News Articles b-76-28
Jews in Sarajevo Enduring War Again: Sephardic Remnants Clinging to History News Article b-77-28
Sarajevo's Vital Lifeline is a Trucker's Nightmare: Hairpin Turns, Tall Mountains Confront U.N. Relief Convoys News Article b-78-28
Bentley Lobbies for a More Favorable View of Serbia News Article b- 79-28
Statement by Richard Boucher - Yugoslavia: Meeting with Slovene Foreign Minister Statement b-80-28
Paraga Interview: Canadian Defends Support for Private Croatian Army News Article b-81-28
Misc. News clips: Slovenian Parliament Independence Declaration News Articles b-82-28
Misc. News Articles Re: the Albanian Mafia News Articles b-83-28
Report re: Attack on Priest in Kosovo Report b-84-28
Albania: Special Report Report b-85-28
References to a Greater Albania News Article b-86-28
Misc. News Articles re: the Fall of Communism in Albania News Articles b-87-28
Misc. News Clips re: Albania - 1990 News Articles b-88-28
Bosnia: Pro - Serb Articles. Spring, 1992 News Articles b-89-28
Bobby Fisher: Chess Tournament - Sept 1992 News Articles b-90-28
Serbian View Point News Articles b-91-28
The Bread Line Massacre News Articles b-92-28
Misc. Articles re: United Nations Peace Efforts in Bosnia News Articles b-93-28
Dizzying World Changes Foreseen: Experts Expect '90's the Reshuffle Borders Like Never Before News Article b-94-28
Bosnia Declares Independence from Yugoslavia News Article b-95-28
Bosnian Referendum Said to Support Independence News Articles b-96-28
Yugoslav Embargo Fuels Smuggling: Gas Sales Net Profits for Some in Yugoslavia News Article b-97-28
Sanctions Driving Yugoslav Economy Into Deep Decline: Jobs Are Lost and Anger Grows, but Any Change May Come Too Late to Save Bosnia News Articles b-98-28
Misc. Articles re: Kosovo News Articles b-99-28
United Nations Food Relief to Sarajevo News Articles b-100-28
Misc. News Articles re: Croatian Military Advances News Articles b-101-28
Illegal Arms to Yugoslavia News Articles b-102-28
State Department Policy, Sanctions Towards Serbia News Articles b-103-28
The London Conference on Yugoslavia News Articles b-104-28
Sort of "Super Serb Defends Serbian Policy News Article b-105-28
Milan Panic: Commitment to End the Carnage News Article b-106-28
Reuters News Articles re: Yugoslavia News Articles b-107-28
U.S. is Shying from Bosnian Conflict News Article b-108-28
UN Pleads for Help for Bosnian Refugees News Article b-109-28
U.N. Suggests Airdrops to Bosnia Town News Article b-110-28
he Man Who Would Keep Peace: U.N. Chief in Bosnia Directs Relief Amid" Downward Spiral News Article b-111-28
Tribal War? Bosnians Don't See It That Way News Article b-112-28
Bosnian Refugee Convoy is Blocked: Slovenia Blames Austria; Austria Blames Germany for Transit Denial News Article b-113-28
In Germany, Welcome Mat for Refugees News Article b-114-28
The Walls and the Will of Dubrovnik News Article b-115-28
8 Western Navies Cooperating In Watch on Yugoslav Coast News Article b-116-28
Deployment of Destroyer Sets Off Storm in Bonn News Article b-117-28
UN Coordinated Airlift to Sarajevo Faces Obstacles News Article b-118-28
Heard the One About Franjo Tudjman? Thin-Skinned Croatian Leader Moves to Squelch Journalistic Satire News Article b-119-28
Croatia Condemning UN Forces News Article b-120-28
Early Recognition of Bosnia Fueled Violence, Serbian Dissident Says News Article b-12l-28
Nationalists Proclaim a New Croatian State News Article b-122-28
Croats Claim their Own Slice of Bosnia News Article b-123-28
Croatia, The Butcher's Apprentice News Article b-124-28
There Are No Clean Hands as Yugoslavia Falls Apart News Article b-125-28
Under Fire, UN Force Keeps Airlift Going News Article b-126-28
Rebel Serbian Republic in Croatia Agrees to Talks News Article b-127-28
UN Chief Rejects Plan t Collect Bosnian Arms News Article b-128-28
What is a Team? U.N. Delays Bosnia's Olympians News Article b-129-28
Ethnic Cleansing Turns Former Nation of Yugoslavia Into Land of Death, Terror News Article b-130-28
Civilians Reported Tortured, Killed in Former Yugoslavia: All Factions Have Committed Atrocities, New Amnesty Int. Report Says News Article b-13l-28
Agreement on Friendship and Cooperation Between the Republics of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croats News Article b-132-28
Croatia Adds Troops but Offers Peace: Crisis Talks Continue for Second Day While Villagers Flee Homes for Safety News Article b-133-28
Milosevic Tightens His Grip Round Neighbors' Throats: Serbia's Leader has Deigns Not Just on Croatia but on Bosnia Too News Article b-134-28
Peace Bid in Yugoslavia is Abandoned: Serbia Rebuff Proposal by European Community News Article b-135-28
War's Terrible Lessons for Yugoslav Children: Thousands Get Early Training in Ethnic Hatred News Article b-136-28
Yugoslavia: Presidency Reports Croatia Cease-Fire News Article b-137-28
No One is Ready or Able to Solve Problems Plaguing Yugoslavia News Article b-138-28
EC Must Stand by to Send Peace-Keepers News Article b-139-28
Shame of the Sham Ceasefire News Article b-140-28
Serbs, Croats Agree to Prisoner Exchange: Warring Sides Pledge to Keep Truce; CSCE Urges Yugoslav Factions to Start Talks News Article b-14l-28
Yugoslav Authorities Agree to Talks News Article b-142-28
Tales From the Frontline: Laura Silber on the Mood in a Yugoslavia Sliding to War News Article b-143-28
Balkan Powder keg - Cartoon Cartoon b-144-28
Confusion of Balkan "Facts News Article b-145-28
Europe Security Unit Backs Call for Talks on Yugoslavia Crisis News Article b-146-28
New Skirmishes Undermine Truce in Yugoslavia News Article b-147-28
Yugoslavia Dashes Austria's Eastern Hopes: Judy Dempsey Explains How Geographical Location is No Longer Helping the Bourse News Article b-148-28
Croatian Fight Draws Canadians News Article b-149-28
Battle in Croatia Pushes Economy in Yugoslavia Toward a Standstill News Article b-150-28
Written Statement by Sen. Bob Dole (R-Kansas) on the Political Situation in Yugoslavia Statement b-15l-28
Statement of the Democratic Party Concerning the Declaration of the EC Ministers on Yugoslavia Statement b-152-28
Pontiff Supports Croatian Hopes News Article b-153-28
Yugoslav Leader Threatens to Resign if Ceasefire Ignored News Article b-154-28
Lawrence of Croatia Leads Folk Heroes In Yugoslavia: Colourful Cult Figures Emerge in Ethnic Warfare News Article b-155-28
Bonn to Seek EC Recognition of Rebel Yugoslav Republics News Article b-156-28
Serbs Dig In for Long Struggle: Citizens Rebel Against Attempt by Croatia to Rule Village News Article b-157-28
Europe and Yugoslavia News Article b-158-28
Yugoslav Army Said to Take Sides News Articles b-159-28
Raised Flags, Rising Heat: Once Again, Ethnic Friction in the Balkans Threatens to Ignite a Dangerous Fire News Article b-160-28
Mass Bedlam in Belgrade: After a Turbulent Week of Protests, One Serbian Leader Resigns and Another Sees his Grip on Power Weakened News Article b-16l-28
Banking on freedom with Funny Money News Article b-162-28
Irreconcilable Differences, by Radek Sikorski News Article b-163-28
Balkanization Again? It Will be a Shame if Yugoslavia Breaks Up, but Maybe the Outcome Will be Free Movement of Academics News Article b-164-28
Croatia Braces Itself for the Expected Civil War News Article b-165-28
President Jovic in Yugoslav Parliament: Five Points for Settlement of Crisis News Article b-166-28
Misc. News clips re: Helen Bentley's Involvement in Yugoslav Affairs: 1989-1990 News Articles b-167-28
Misc. Articles re: Sarajevo: Summer, 1992 News Articles b-168-28
Habits of the Heart: Eastern Europe and the Possibility of Democracy News Report b-169-28
Yugoslavia Versus Yugoslavia: Is Yugoslavia Fated to Become the Lebanon of the Balkans, Tom Apart by Seemingly Chronic Ethnic Strife Among Its Numerous National Groups? by Ranko Petkovic News Report b-170-28
Balkan Battles: Observing the Yugoslav Imbroglio. by Janusz Bugajski News Report b-171-28
Yugoslavia Coming Apart: Talks With Her Writers. by Milne Holton News Report b-172-28
A Reporter at Large: The Yugoslav Idea News Report b-173-28
Back to the Balkans: Now to Win the Peace News Report b-174-28
Reawakening: A Market Economy Takes Root in Eastern Europe News Report b-175-28
European Affairs: To Stasbourg or Sarajevo? Zbigniew Brzezinski News Report b-176-28
Who Are The Slavs: A Contribution to Race Psychology. by Paul Radosavljevich Report b-177-28