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Langsdale Library

Box 30

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series VII. Balkans

Box 30.

Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
Congresswoman Helen Delich Bentley: Helsinki Commission Delegation - Oslo, Norway November 8 - 12, 1991:Part 1 Report b-1-30
Congresswoman Helen Delich Bentley: Helsinki Commission Delegation - Oslo, Norway November 8 - 12, 1991:Part 2 Report b-1-30
Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe: Part 1 Report b-2-30
Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe: Part 2  Report  b-2-30
A Conspiracy of Silence: by Slobodan Kljakic Book b-3-30
Congressional Human Rights Caucus Letters, Reports b-4-30
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 1991 - Report to Congress Report b-5-30
Misc. Articles re: Muslim Attacks on the United Nations Troops News Articles b-6-30
Misc. News Articles re: Milan Panic News Articles b-7-30
Statement by Mr. Milan Panic, The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, at a Session of Both Chambers of the Assembly of F.R. Yugoslavia Remarks b-8-30
The Yugoslav Crisis: A Prescription for Peace in Southeastern Europe. by Milan Panic Remarks b-9-30
Report on the Conditions in Macedonia and Greece Report b-l0-30
Obituary Article of Michael Lees News Article b-11-30
Report on Croatian Armed Forces Report b-12-30
Croatian Nuclear Weapons Report b-13-30
Report on Croatia Arms Report b-14-30
Correspondences Sent to Mrs. Bentley from Croatians Letters b-15-30
Letter Sent to Pres. Bush from Mrs. Bentley re: U.S. Recognition of Croatia Letter b-16-30
Correspondences Sent to Mrs. Bentley from U.S. State Department re: Situation in Yugoslavia Letters b-17-30
Anti-Semitism in Croatia News Articles, Reports b-18-30
Helsinki Watch: Human Rights Abuses in Croatia Letter, Report b-19-30
Congressional Human Rights Caucus Memo, Report b-20-30
The History of the Serb / Croat Enmity Report b-21-30
Congressional Human Rights Foundation - Human Rights Bulletin - May, 1992 Newsletter b-22-30
News Articles re: Croatian Death Camp in Jasenovac News Articles b-23-30
Hungarian Human Rights Foundation (HHRF) Newsletters, Reports b-24-30
Henry Kissinger Interview on Larry King Live re: Bosnia Transcript b-25-30
Misc. Letters & Correspondences re: The Holocaust Museum Letters b-26-30
Lampe Article: Yugoslavia From Crisis to Tragedy News Article b-27-30
Who Wants to Fight? We Want to Fight; The War in Yugoslavia is Ideal for Mercenaries News Article b-28-30
Croatian Nationalists Pledge to Topple Tudjman if Vukovar Falls News Article b-29-30
Croatia in Brief: Croatian Party of Justice Denies Allegation of Mobilization News Article b-30-30
What's in a (Yugoslav) Name? Zagreb Square Designation Heats Up Croat-Serb Hostility News Article b-31-30
Croatia Renews Attacks on Serbia. Germany and Austria Step Up Calls for Recognition of Breakaway Yugoslav States News Article b-32-30
Serbian Soldiers Hurt by Booby-Trapped Lighters and Watches News Article b-33-30
Juggernaut of War Gains Speed in Yugoslavia News Article b-34-30
Reports on Croatia Party of Justice: Croatian Ministries Attack Croatian Party of Justice News Article b-35-30
Arms Traffickers Seek Ways of Supplying Croatia News Article b-36-30
Hatred Rules a Betrayed People News Article b-37-30
Yugoslavia: Who is in Charge of This War? News Article b-38-30
Dear Colleague Letter from Rep. Tom Lantos: Impose Sanctions Against Serbia Letter b-39-30
The Destruction of Dubrovnik, a Tale of Disinformation Letter b-40-30
From Bosnia Crisis to All Out War News Article b-41-30
The Price of Weakness: Partition of Bosnia Would Complete Serb Humiliation in the West News Article b-42-30
Europe: Socio-Economic Borders and Re-composition Map b-43-30
On the Character of the Yugoslav People's Army and Yugoslav Foundation Report b-44-30
United Nations Should Work to Put Yugoslavia Back Together News Article b-45-30
Before We Step Into a Bosnian Quagmire News Article b-46-30
Dear Colleague Letter from Rep. Frank Wolf: Send a Message of Croatia - Support an End to MFN Letter, News Article b-47-30
Prof. Drugnich Article: The Only Hope for Yugoslavia News Article b-48-30
Misc. Letters & Correspondences re: Vuk Draskovic Letters b-49-30
Helsinki Commission:Part1; Part 2; Part 3 Reports, Testimony b-50-30
Bentley Blasts Croatian Human Rights Caucus Press Release b-51-30
Testimony of Aryeh Neier Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the U.S. Role in the War in Bosnia Statement b-52-30
Statement to Senate Foreign Relations Committee by Dr. Haris Silajdzic, Foreign Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina Statement b-53-30
Statement by Dennis De Concini. Crisis in Bosnia-Herzegovina Statement b-54-30
Statement of the Honorable Helen Delich Bentley Before the Helsinki Commission Statement b-55-30
Statement by George Kenney Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on Bosnia Statement b-56-30
Hudson Briefing Paper. Yugoslavia: Quagmire or Strategic Challenge? by William E. Odom Report b-57-30
Research Information on Austria Report b-58-30
CNN Crossfire: Civil War in Yugoslavia Transcript b-59-30
Misc. Statements by Churches re: The War in Yugoslavia Reports, Statements, Memos b-60-30
Misc. Information re: Concentration Camps in the Former Yugoslavia News Articles, Reports b-61-30
One Minute Statement of Cong. William S. Broomfield: Two Things America Can Do for Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia Statement b-62-30
Leader Tightens Grip on Croatia News Article b-63-30
Bosnian Hostilities Mar U.N. Peacekeeping Initiative News Article b-64-30
World Jewish Congress: Anti-Semitism in Central Europe - A Current Survey Report b-65-30
Fierce Fighting in Yugoslavia Defies Ceasefire News Article b-66-30
Serbia Says Four Die in Croat Bombardment of Serb Town News Article b-67-30
Statement by Ralph Johnson, Before the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe Statement b-68-30
Letter from Congo Christopher Smith to Sen. Dennis DeConcini re: Trip to Serbia and Croatia Letter, Report b-69-30
CSCE: Statement of Steny H. Hoyer, Chairman Hearing of the Conflict in Yugoslavia Statement b-70-30
CSCE: Report of the U.S. Helsiniki Commission Delegation Visit to Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Albania Report b-71-30
Invitations to Hearings of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) Letters b-72-30
Appeals from Various Religious Organizations to Halt the Fighting in Bosnia Reports, Letters b-73-30
Displaced and Killed Faithfuls in the Banja Luka Diocese According to Municipalities (Under Serbian Control) as of 1991 to May 1994 Report b-74-30
CSCE: Prosecuting War Crimes in the Former Yugoslavia: An Update Report b-75-30
Helsinki Commission Chairmen Welcome CSCE Proposal for War Crimes Tribunal Press Release b- 76-30
Prosecuting War Crimes in the Former Yugoslavia. An Update Report b-77-30
Statement of Ambassador Morris B. Abram Former U.S. Permanent Representative to International Organization, Geneva Before the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe Statement b- 78-30
Statements of the Chairman and Co-Chairman of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe Statements b- 79-30
Statement of Helsinki Commission Delegation to Macedonia and Kosovo Statement, Report b-80-30
Calls for War Crimes Tribunal by Members of Congress Press Releases b-81-30
CSCE News Release: As America Commemorates the Holocaust, Helsinki Commission Convenes Hearing on Prospects for a War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia Press Release b-82-30
Bosnia & Herzegovinian Delegation to the United Nations Report, Remarks b-83-30
Yugoslav Spillovers: Prospects of a Wider War and Problems with Sanctions. by John R. Lampe Report b-84-30
AFSC Report: The Unraveling of Yugoslavia Report b-85-30
List of Serbian Media List b-86-30
CSIS Letter: Back to Yugoslavia Letter, Newsletter b-87-30
Amnesty International Report: Yugoslavia - 9/9/91 Report b-88-30
Amnesty International Report: Yugoslavia - 10/25/91 Report b-89-30
Amnesty International Report: Yugoslavia - Torture and Deliberate and Arbitrary Killings in War Zones - November 1991 Report b-90-30
Yugoslavia: The Case for the Serbs News Article b-91-30
Basic Facts re: Yugoslavia Reports, Letters b-92-30
Brief History of Yugoslavia - by Prof. Stavrou Reports b-93-30
The Yugoslav Crisis and the United States: How to Understand It. What to do About it? Contributions to a Debate Yet to Be Reports b-94-30
Letter to Pres. Clinton from Members of Congress Re: Authoritarian Tendencies of Croatian President Tudjman Letter b-95-30
UN Aid Says Muslims Blocked Bosnian Accord News Article b-96-30
U.S. is Sending Radars to Bosnia News Article b-97-30
The Newsletter About Reforming Economies: Yugoslavia - The Dilemma of Reform Amidst Political Turmoil Newsletter b-98-30
What Comes After the Five Pointed Star? News Articles b-99-30
H.Con.Res.352: Expressing the Sense of the Congress re: Human Rights Violations Against the Albanian Minority in Southern Yugoslavia Bill b-100-30
Fr. Antanasija Jeftic Writes; A Report on the Visit of U.S. Sen. Bob Dole and the Company to Kosovo on Aug. 29, 1990 Report b-101-30
Facts re: Serb Dominated Yugoslav Army Report, Notes b-102-30
Yugoslavia: EC Peace Conference Reports b-103-30
Eastern European Newsletter - Yugoslavia: The Paper Pushers News Article b-104-30
Misc. Information re: Dubrovnik Reports, Maps b-105-30
Alex N. Dragnich: Tito's Vintage Where Yugoslav Grapes of Wrath Were Stored Report b-106-30
Alex N. Dragnich. Bosnia: Lost Cause? News Article b-107-30
Constitution of Serbian Krajina Constitution, Letters b-108-30
New Constitution of Yugoslavia - 1992 Constitution b-109-30
Correspondence from HDB to Steve Weisman of the New York Times re: Fair Representation in Press Letter b-110-30
CRS Report for Congress: Yugoslavia - Crisis in the Federation Report b-111-30
Costich Report: Committee for Defense of Political Freedom in Yugoslavia Reports b-112-30
The Kosovo Question, Past & Present Report b-113-30
Dismissals and Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo Report b-114-30
KosovoReports-I992 Reports b-115-30
Carnage in Bosnia, for Starters News Article b-116-30
Is Macedonia Next? News Article b-117-30
H. Con. Res. 245 (Rep. Visclosky): Urging all Parties in Yugoslavia to Cease Further Use of Force and Engage Fully and in Good Faith in Negotiations on the Future of Yugoslavia Bill b-118-30
HR 205 (Lantos): To Express Opposition to the Use of Force in Yugoslavia and to Express Support for the Peaceful and Democratic Resolution of Political Differences in Yugoslavia Bill b-119-30
Dates Relating to the History in Yugoslavia List, Report b-120-30
Gore Amendment - Recognizing Yugoslav Republics' Independence Remarks, Bill b-121-30
The Defense of the Southern Flank of Christendom After the Dissolution of the Warsaw Pact Report b-122-30
Genocide Against the Serbs in the II World War. by Dr. Milan Bulajic Report b-123-30
Greater Germany-Boot Power Against Serbia Report b-124-30
FBIS Report on Yugoslavia - December 1991 Report b-125-30
Some Basic Facts About the Position of Serbian People in Croatia Report b-126-30
Pepsi Cola Ad-Dec. 1991. "Help Croatia, Drink Pepsi Ad, Letters b-127-30
Report from North Serbia Report b-128-30
Dr. Milorad Pupovac. Serbs in a Crevice Reports, Letters b-129-30
Promblem of Nationalities in the Transition Period. by Svetozar Pejovich Reports, Letters b-130-30
Myths re: Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia From the Point of View of U.S. Interests Reports b-131-30