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Langsdale Library

Box 33

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series VII. Balkans

Box 33.

Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
End of the Bosnian Dream: Moslem Leaders Kill the Hopes of a Multi-Ethnic State News Article b-55-33
UN Eases Blockade on Serbia News Article b-56-33
U.S. Move to Arm Bosnia Horrifies Europe News Article b-57-33
UN Could Face Worst of All Scenarios if Muslim Arms Embargo is Lifted News Article b-58-33
US Turns Blind Eye to Iran Arms for Bosnia News Article b-59-33
Bosnia's Warring Factions Agree One-Month Ceasefire News Article b-60-33
Smuggled Munitions Strengthen Muslim Firepower News Article b-61-33
Russia Warns US Against Lifting Bosnia Arms Ban News Article b-62-33
Iran Tightens Balkan Link Amid Western Disunity News Article b-63-33
Owen Stresses the Dangers of Western Air Strikes News Article b-64-33
Transatlantic Differences Likely to Spike Peace Efforts: Geneva Holds Little Hope for News Article b-65-33
Cursed are the Peacekeepers in Bosnia's Last Besieged Town News Article b-66-33
Nato Taken to World Court by Belgrade News Article b-67-33
Air Strikes Would Mean War News Article b-68-33
Moscow and West to Draw Up Joint Bosnian Strategy News Article b-69-33
Russia Critical of US Plan for Bosnian State News Article b-70-33
Serbs and Croats Sign Deas to Leave Muslims Isolated News Article b-71-33
Owen Shows the Strain of Stalemate in Geneva News Article b-72-33
Russia Appeals for UN Pressure on Warlords to Settle Balkans Conflict News Article b- 73-33
Sacked UN Chief Defiant Over Bosnia News Article b-74-33
Bosnia Threatens Ice Age in Euro-US Relations News Article b-75-33
Russian Deputies Vote to Abandon Sanctions on Serbs News Article b-76-33
UK Assured of New American Efforts to End Bosnia War News Article b-77-33
Moslem Successes Push Peace Hopes Further Away News Article b-78-33
Kidnapped Girl Exchanged for Croat Prisoners News Article b-79-33
Muslims Flee Mass Killings by Croats in Burning Village News Articles b-80-33
UN Suspends Aid to Central Bosnia News Articles b-81-33
Sounds of Slaughter Linger in the Hills News Article b-82-33
If You Want to Live You Shoot News Article b-83-33
Yugoslavia Condemns Use of Chemical Grenades by Moslems News Article b-84-33
The High Cost of Peace-Keeping News Article b-85-33
Civilians Cling to UN Soldiers in Bosnia News Article b-86-33
Prisoners of War Turned Into Human Bombs of Bosnia News Article b-87-33
Muslim Leaders in Call to Defend Bosnia News Article b-88-33
Europe to Offer Belgrade Sanctions Deal for Peace News Article b-89-33
UN Workers Attack Teddy-Bear Air Drops News Article b-90-33
EC Warns Croats They Face Economic Sanctions News Article b-91-33
Major Defends Support of Bosnian Embargo News Articles b-92-33
Another View of Serbian Sanctions Report b-93-33
Drug Profits Fund Weapons for Balkans News Article b-94-33
Plan to Honour Ustashe Killers Outrages Minorities in Croatia News Article b-95-33
US Begins Airdrop of Food on Besieged Mostar News Article b-96-33
Germany Blocks EC Sanctions on Croatia News Article b-97-33
UN Sanctions are Hindering Aid to Refugees in Serbia News Article b-98-33
By Rewarding Belgrade the EC May Have Found a Formula for Peace News Article b-99-33
Owen Says Muslim State in Bosnia Seems Inevitable News Article b-100-33
Warring Groups Seek to Exploit Peace Force as Serbs Widen Gains News Article b-101-33
Bosnia Deal on Partition Edges Closer News Article b-102-33
Witness to Bosnian Slaughter News Article b-103-33
Paris Opposes US Intervention News Article b-104-33
Croats Turn on the Muslims News Article b-105-33
Moscow Uneasy at Serbia's International Isolation News Article b-106-33
Moscow Makes Secret Deal to Send Serbs Tanks and Missiles News Article b-107-33
Blackshirts and the Rule of Madness News Article b-108-33
Theatre of Conflict: Muslim-Croat Battles Have Cut the Main Route for Emergency Aid Deliveries to Central Bosnia Map b-109-33
Human Need Hastens Geneva Peace Talks News Article b-110-33
Owen Looks to a "Middle East Solution for Serbia and Croatia News Article b-111-33
Owen Turns From Bosnia to View the Bigger Picture: Away for the Spotlight, UN Negotiators are Seeking a Broad Solution by Cutting to the Core of Serb-Croat Rivalries News Article b-112-33
Misc. Letters re: Situation in Yugoslavia: Jan - Feb, 1989 Letters b-113-33
Slobodan Vicevic: Letters re: Serbia Letters, News Articles b-114-33
Serbian Issues: Serbian Cultural Club Letter, Petition b-115-33
Serbian Heritage Foundation: Genocide In Satellite Croatia During the Second World War Letters, Report b-116-33
Misc. Letters re: Situation in Yugoslavia. 1988 Letters b-117-33
Timid Europeans, U.S Sell Yugoslavia and the World Short News Article b-118-33
Serbian Violence Endangers Entire Region, Diplomats Say News Article b-119-33
U.S. Threatens Serbia with Isolation: Republic Told to End Role in Bosnia War News Article b-120-33
Misc. Letters re: Situation in Yugoslavia. May, 1992 Letters b-121-33
A Global Militant Network: Support for Radical Islamic Groups is Far-Flung News Article b-122-33
Biden's Uneducated Approach Reveals Bias News Articles b-123-33
Friendship Transcends Yugoslavian Civil War News Article b-124-33
Diplomat Predicts End to Fighting in Bosnia - Herzegovina News Article b-125-33
Special Report: Religious and Political Ferment in Yugoslavia News Article b-126-33
Yugoslavia in Our Time Letters b-127-33
More Balkan Blood and Bones News Article b-128-33
Letters from Gov. Voinovich of Ohio to Misc. Gov. Officials re: Yugoslav Crisis Letters b-129-33
Welcome to the Seething South News Article b-130-33
Croatia Declares Independence as EC Arrives to Urge Unity News Articles b-131-33
Croats Set June 30 as Deadline for Secession News Articles b-132-33
Rivals See Plots to Split Yugoslavia News Articles b-133-33
Once More, Yugoslavia Finds Itself on the Brink News Article b-134-33
Yugoslav's Military Leaders Discuss Role as Crisis Deepens News Articles b-135-33
Yugoslav Army Ordered to Curb Violence News Articles b-136-33
Pope Orders Peace Mission to Yugoslavia News Article b-137-33
3,000 Serbs Laid to Rest 50 Years After Attack News Article b-138-33
France Seeks Yugoslav Force: Armed European Intervention urged as EC Sets Up Crisis Talks News Article b-139-33
Democratic Weapons in Fight for Statehood News Article b-140-33
Misc. News Articles re: Fighting in Yugoslavia. Aug. 1991 News Articles b-141-33
Yugoslav Government Falls Victim to Growing Democratization News Article b-142-33
Yugoslavian Crisis and Kosovo Report b-143-33
Balkan Connection: Brazen as the Mafia, Ethnic Albanian Thugs Specialize in Mayhem News Article b-144-33
President Wilson's Fourteen Points Letter, Report b-145-33
A Skipper to Bridge the Gap: Yugoslavia is a Ship Without a Compass, Heading for the Economic Rocks News Article b-146-33
Outline of the Program for Commemoration of the 600th Anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo Report b-147-33
Economy Puts Another Strain on the Nation of Grudges News Article b-148-33
Yugoslavia. No Joke, Really News Article b-149-33
Congressional Human Rights Caucus: Human Rights Issues in Kosovo Reports, Remarks, Letters b-150-33
Moody Cites High U.S. Stakes in Yugoslav Conflict Press Release b-151-33
HR 3807: To Amend the Arms Export Control Act to Authorize the President to Transfer Battle Tanks, Artillery Pieces, and Armored Combat Vehicles to Member Countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Bill b-152-33
Dear Colleague Letter from Congo Allegedly Urging U.S. Recognition of Croatia Letter b-153-33
HR 2508: Foreign Aid Bill Letters, Voting Record b-154-33
Yugoslavs Just Asking for a Fair Shake News Article b-155-33
Tense Relations Among Republics Threaten Foundation of Yugoslavia News Article b-156-33
Serbo-croastian Letter b-157-33
Correspondence from Mervyn Dymally to HDB re: Serbo-croatian Hearing Letters b-158-33
Casework re: American Serbs Letters b-159-33
Djordje Bozovic: Statement re: Kosovo Assembly Remarks, Letters b-160-33
A Bloodless Revolution: The Case of Serbia Report b-161-33
Letter to HDB from Bishop re: Serbian Efforts Letter b-162-33
Bill Quraishi for Congress: Background Information. Rep. Candidate for 11th Dist. California Letters, News Articles, Press Release b-163-33
Bentley Personal Correspondence to Serbian-Americans re: H. Con. Res. 162 Letter b-164-33
A Capsule History of the Serbian People. by Olga Markovich Report b-165-33
Amnesty International: Yugoslavia - Recent Events in the Autonomous Province of Kosovo Report b-166-33
American Serbian Heritage Foundation: Invitation to DC Convention Letter b-167-33
Ramiz Alia: Statement to Albanians re: Kosovo Statement b-168-33
Albanian Version of Kosovo Crisis: Memorandum on the Persecution and the Violations of Human Rights of Over 2.5 Million Ethnic Albanians in the SFR of Yugoslavia Report b-169-33