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Langsdale Library

Box 35

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series VII. Balkans

Box 35.

Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
Amendment to HR 5368, As Reported Offered by Mrs. Bentley of Maryland: Assistance to the Former Yugoslav Republics Amendment b-1-35
Winds of Yugoslavia's War Threaten to Engulf Ethnic Enclave in Serbia News Article b-2-35
Yugoslav Strife: Challenge for Europe News Articles, Reports b-3-35
Misc. Materials re: Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic Transcripts b-4-35
Misc. Materials re: Muslims in Bosnia - August, 1992 News Articles b-5-35
Misc. Materials re: Bosnian Independences - September, 1992:Part 1; Part 2 News Articles, Press Releases b-6-35
In Savage Ethnic Fighting, the Spirit of Sarajevo Dies News Article b-7-35
U.S. Officials Resist Pressure to Endorse Bosnia Peace Plan News Article b-8-35
Bosnia is Seeking Foreign Military Aid News Article b-9-35
Task Force on the Balkan Crisis - Dear Rep. Colleague Letter: The War in Bosnia Continues Letter, News Articles b-10-35
Misc. Op-Eds re: Origins of Yugoslav War News Articles b-11-35
Devouring History: Milosevic Won't Stop Until Greater Serbia is Reunited News Article b-12-35
Yugoslav Bloodbath Sparks an Exodus: Biggest Wave of Refugees to Hit Europe Since WW News Article b-13-35
US Fumbles Away NATO Leadership News Article b-14-35
UN Force May Keep Sarajevo Airport Open News Article b-15-35
U.S. Weighs Options on Yugoslavia: Emerging Proposal Sees Military Role in Humanitarian Relief News Article b-16-35
The Butcher of the Balkans (Slobodan Milosevic) News Article b-17-35
Letter from Congress to Pres. Bush Calling to Withhold Recognition of Yugoslav Republics Until Concerns of Greece are Alleviated Letter b-18-35
Heard the One About Franjo Tudjman? Thin-Skinned Croatian Moves to Squelch Journalistic Satire News Article b-19-35
Greece: The Weakest Link in EC Chain: Other Nations Lose Patience with its Inefficiencies News Article b-20-35
The Center for Security Policy: Blessed are the Peacemakers: Troops-Not Sanctions - Needed to Halt Yugoslav Carnage, Milosevic's Aggression Press Release b-21-35
Rep. Tom Lantos Dear Colleague Letter: Send Milosevic a Message - Support HR 448 Letter b-22-35
Genocide in Satellite Croatia, 1941-1945: A Record of Racial and Religious Persecutions and Massacres. by Edmond Paris Book b-23-35
We Don't Have a Home Anymore, Serbian Refugee Tells Son News Article b-24-35
UN Chief Blames Serbia, Croatia in Bosnia Fighting News Article b-25-35
Serbs, Moslems, Croats Agree on 21-Day Truce in Sarajevo News Articles b-26-35
Mortars Kill 19 in Sarajevo; UN Aid Plan on Ice News Articles b-27-35
Nightime Fighting Resumes When UN Ends its Day News Article b-28-35
Beset Sarajevo Doubts Will of Blue Helmets News Article b-29-35
World Community Faces No-Win Situation in Yugoslavia News Article b-30-35
Yugoslavia Carnage Stirs Fears of Wider Balkan War News Articles b-31-35
UN Says Without Cease-Fire, Airport Can't be Opened News Articles b-32-35
Kosovo's Albanians Prepare for Secret Election News Article b-33-35
EC Fears Serbia May Have Eluded Secret Assets Freeze News Article b-34-35
Fighting Shatters Truce in Bosnia, Traps UN Peacekeepers News Article b-35-35
U.S. Wants Serbia Out of CSCE, Emergency Talks to Start News Article b-36-35
Serbian Minister Says Embattled President Won't Quit News Article b-37-35
EC Withdraws Diplomats From Belgrade in Protest News Article b-38-35
Old Devils Resurgent in Croatia, Says UN Official News Article b-39-35
Pope, Diplomats Appeal for Peace in Bosnia News Article b-40-35
Serb Townspeople Save Moslem "Enemies in Bosnia" News Article b-41-35
Army Purge Will Help Yugoslavia's Image in West News Articles b-42-35
War-Hating Computer Operator Turns Deadly Sniper News Article b-43-35
UN Envoy Rules Out Intervention in Bosnia News Article b-44-35
EC to Withdraw Bosnia Monitors, Fighting Goes On News Article b-45-35
Government in Chaos, Capital Surrounded, Bosnia in Death Throes News Article b-46-35
Mitterrand Takes Cover in Sarajevo Airport Battle News Article b-47-35
EC Threatens to Get Tough Over Bosnian Strife News Article b-48-35
In Yugoslavia, Never a Meeting of Minds News Article b-49-35
Socialists Nominate U.S. Serb as Yugoslav Premier (Milan Panic) News Article b-50-35
Report to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee - Visit to Albania and Yugoslavia. March 29 - April 6, 1991. Sen. Claiborne Pell Report b-51-35
Amnesty International: Bosnia-Herzegovina - Rape and Sexual Abuse by Armed Forces Report b-52-35
Yugoslavia, Albania and the Kosovo Riots Report b-53-35
Misc. Materials - Bentley & Canada Letters, Remarks b-54-35
Letters Sent to Mrs. Bentley from Europe re: Yugoslavia Letters, News Clips b-55-35
Letters Sent to Mrs. Bentley from Illinois re: Yugoslavia Letters, News Clips b-56-35
Letters Sent to Mrs. Bentley from New England re: Yugoslavia Letters b-57-35
Letters Sent to Mrs. Bentley from New York and New Jersey re: Yugoslavia Letters b-58-35
Croats Promise to Regain Land Taken by Serbs News Article b-59-35
Germany's Dangerous Mischief News Article b-60-35
Letter from Rep. Edward F. Feighman to Sec. General of United Nations re: Treatment of Serbs in Croatia Letter b-61l-35
Pope Should Avoid an Ugly Feud News Article b-62-35
Correcting Some Common Misconceptions About the Crisis in Yugoslavia. by Helen Delich Bentley Remarks b-63-35
Truth a Victim in Yugoslavia's War News Article b-64-35
West Ignores Plea of Serbian Orthodox Bishops: Serb Civilians Held in 27 Camps - West Fails to Investigate Press Release b-65-35
Hatred Ten Times Over: The UN's Outgoing Man in Sarajevo, General Lewis MacKenzie is not Optimistic News Article b-66-35
Serbia Media Center News Articles, Reports b-67-35
Serbian American Media Center - Misc. Faxes News Articles, Faxes b-68-35
Bosnia - Atrocities Against the Serbs: Part 1 News Articles, Press Release, Reports b-69-35
Bosnia - Atrocities Against the Serbs: Part 2 News Articles, Press Release, Reports b-69-35
Dr. Radovan Karadzic: Pres. of Serbs in Bosnia Letter b-70-35
Misc. Materials from Peter Brock Letters, News Articles b-71-35
Debacle of Bush-Baker New World Order News Article b- 72-35
All They're Saying is Give War a Chance News Article b- 73-35
The Clinton Doctrine? Bosnia is Where to Apply It News Article b- 74-35
Understanding the Media: The War of Delusion and Media Cleansing by Peter Brock Remarks b-75-35
Wrong Goals Lead to Wrong Results in Bosnia News Article b-76-35
Bosnia: Their War, Not Ours News Article b-77-35
Fight for a Moral Low Ground: Intervention by Military in Bosnia Will Serb Only to Satisfy a Lust for Blood News Article b-78-35
Aid Blocked as Croats Turn on Moslems News Article b-79-35
Croats Reported "Cleansing" Muslims in Territorial Expansion News Article b-80-35
British Troops Tell of "Hell" in Bosnia Fighting News Article b-81-35
The Black Man's Burden: Bombing Other Countries for the Sake of Good Television is an Immoral New Twist to American Policy News Article b-82-35
Kohl Retreats to Patch EC Bosnia Plan News Article b-83-35
Force of History Condemns Bosnia to a Hostile Peace News Article b-84-35
Europe and US Agree Arms Ban on Bosnia's Muslims Must Stay News Articles b-85-35
Izetbegovic Humiliated as Partition Calls Grow News Article b-86-35
EC's Owen, UN's Stoltengberg Meet with Serbian President News Article b-87-35
Europe Reluctant to See U.S. Troops in Macedonia: UN Deputy News Article b-88-35
Declaration on the Follow-Up to the Warburton Mission Report b-89-35
Bosnia Battle Kills Hundreds: Croat Troops Flee Moslem Advance and Surrender to Serbs News Article b-90-35
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Proposal, Reports b-91-35
United Nations Security Council Reports 1 of 3 Reports b-92-35
United Nations Security Council Reports 2 of 3 Reports b-93-35
United Nations Security Council Reports 3 of 3 Reports b-94-35
Misc. Congressional Records Pertaining to Yugoslav Crisis:Part 1 Remarks, Reports b-95-35
Misc. Congressional Records Pertaining to Yugoslav Crisis:Part 2 Remarks, Reports b-95-35
Speech by HDB re: U.S. View on War in Yugoslavia Remarks b-96-35
Speech by HDB re: Slobodan Rakitic Remarks b-97-35
A Message to the Domestic and International Public. by Helen Delich Bentley Remarks b-98-35
UNHCR Strengthens Security for Staff in the Field Report b-99-35
United Nations Convention Against Torture Reports b-100-35
United Nations Security Council Report on Yugoslavia Report b-101-35
United Nations Security Council: Situation of Human Rights in the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia Report b-102-35
United Nations Report on the Historical Background of the Civil War in the Former Yugoslavia Report b-103-25
United Nations World Conference on Human Rights Booklets b-104-35
U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations: Pell Releases Staff Report on the Spread of War in the Balkans Press Release b-105-35
United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide Booklet, Report b-106-35
Hearing Before the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe: The Yugoslav Republics - Prospects for Peace and Human Rights Report b-107-35