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Find Archival Collections

Find Archival Collections

Browse our complete collections from the list below. From this list, you can access individual collection guides, which provide information about each collection, including its organization and folder inventory. 

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Ahlers, John A. (JAA)
7 boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1895-1971 
Personal papers, photographs, artwork and architectural drawings.

American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland (ACLU)
157 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1919-2005
Case files, correspondence, reports, publications, clippings, and programs.

American Clan Gregor Society (ACGS)
60 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1863-2010
Yearbooks, artifacts, correspondence, photographs, genealogies, proceedings, publications, and scrapbooks.

American Lung Association (ALA)
15 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1902-1980
Correspondence, reports, scrapbooks, photographs, film.

American Society of Pension Actuaries (ASPA)
4 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1974-1980 
History, procedures, and records of the American Society of Pension Actuaries.

Archives of Maryland Polonia (AMP)
38 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1875 - 2001 
Newspaper clippings, brochures, correspondence, photographs, books, and other artifacts documenting the Polish community in Baltimore and Maryland.


Bachman, Frederick "Fritz" (FFB)
3 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1917-1920

Baltimore Association of Commerce (BAC)
9 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1924-1975 
Minutes, reports, audits and membership lists.

Baltimore City Department of Planning (BCP)
274 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1929-1979 
Maps, case files, federal grant applications, correspondence and working papers related to all phases of the City planning process.

Baltimore City Fair, Inc. (FAIR) 
1 Box 
Dates (Inclusive): 1971-1991
Accounting and tax records; newspaper clippings.

Baltimore City Public Schools Social Work Services (BCPS)
20 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1936-2008
Correspondence, handbooks, administrative files, clippings, and publications.

Baltimore Council for Equal Business Opportunity (CEBO)
6 Boxes
Dates(Inclusive): 1968-1975
By-laws, correspondence, minutes, financial records.

Baltimore Economic Development Commission (BEDC)
34 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1968-1975 
Financial records, projects reports, minutes, correspondence, and administrative files.

Baltimore Heritage (BH)
17 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1961-2004
Minutes, agenda, correspondence, publications, photographs, articles and newspaper clippings related to the organization's efforts in historic preservation.

Baltimore Industrial Development Commission (BIDC)
14 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1972-1975
Minutes, correspondence, publications, newspaper clippings, and financial records.

Baltimore Neighborhood Heritage Project (BNHP)
255 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1978-1981 
Oral history interviews with older residents of six Baltimore neighborhoods. Topics include: migration, immigration, racial and ethnic identity, national and local events, neighborhood and family life, work and religion.

Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance (BNIA)
16 Boxes
Dates(Inclusive): 1979
Neighborhood Study Questionnaires

Baltimore Neighborhoods, Incorporated (BNI)
8 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1958-2010 
Minutes, reports and financial statements, surveys, tenants' manuals, correspondence, and newsletters. Also included are papers of the Research Advisory Committee and the Leadership Council for Fair Housing in Maryland.

Baltimore Recycling Coalition (BRC)
8 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1985-2004
Dates (Bulk): 1990-1994
Newsletters, publications, reports, newspaper articles, by-laws, minutes.

Baltimore Urban Renewal & Housing Authority (BURHA)
23 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1962-1967 
Materials for Commission meeting, correspondence, community renewal programs, reports,reference materials, pamphlets.

Baltimore Voices Company (BVC)
205 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1977-1980 
Oral history tapes, transcripts of interviews, biographical sketches, publications, posters,and brochures. See also: Baltimore Neighborhood Heritage Project.

Belvedere Hotel Corporation (BHC)
22 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1904-1970 
Correspondence, minutes, contracts, financial records, appraisals and operational records.

Bentley, Helen Delich (HDB)
569 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1945-1995 
Papers documenting her years as Maritime reporter for the Baltimore Sun through her five terms as a U.S. Congresswoman.

Black, Walter E. Jr. (WEB)
18 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1949-1970 
Correspondence; campaign brochures, buttons, bumper stickers, broadsides and literature; publications; financial records; minutes; speeches.

Blakeslee-Lane, Incorporated (BLI)
4 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1930-1966 
Photographs of Baltimore skyline, statues, monuments, museums, churches, parks.

Board of Trade of Baltimore City (BOT)
1 Box 
Dates (Inclusive): 1878-1909 
Constitution, by-laws, minutes, and annual reports.


Center for Poverty Solutions (CPS)
48 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1989-2005
Annual reports, correspondence, memos, photographs, videotapes.

Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Baltimore (CCMB)
72 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1960-1980 
Minutes, correspondence, reports, financial statements, and statistics. 
(Formerly Chamber of Commerce)

Chapman, Robert Breck (RBC)
79 boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1967-1996
Photographic prints, negatives, contact sheets, color positive slides, event programs, and newspaper clippings.

Church Women United of Greater Baltimore (CWU)
6 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1926-1996
Newsletters, brochures, correspondence, reports, financial statements, and statistics.

Citizens for Environmental Planning Today & Tomorrow (CEPT)
5 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1975-1984 
Engineering design standards for housing and traffic.

Citizen Schaefer (CS)
1 Box
Dates (Inclusive): 2008
Video interviews for Maryland Public Television's 2009 film portrait of William Donald Schaefer's fifty year political career.

Citizens Housing Council of Baltimore (CHCB)
3 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1940-1941 
Minutes, Resolutions, correspondence.

Citizens League of Baltimore (CLB)
27 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1964-1974 
Assessments, design, coordination, conservation, adoption technique, plan promotion, planning program.

Citizens Planning & Housing Association (CPHA)
202 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1941-2009
Correspondence, minutes, administration records, reports, publications, directories, and reference materials.

Commission on Government Efficiency and Economy (CGEE)
77 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1929-1974 
Minutes, correspondence, administrative files, financial records, research reports and publications. The collection also contains an extensive newspaper clipping file for the years 1929-1969.

Community Economic Development Program (CED)
5 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1960-1980
Dates (Bulk): 1972 -1978 
Reports, planning documents, newsletters, Regional Planning Council files.

Concerned Citizens for Butchers Hill (CCBH)
4 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1977-1997
Articles of incorporation, minutes, correspondence, financial records, publications, deeds, grants.

Criminal Justice Commission (CJ)
83 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1917-1973 
Dates (Bulk): 1947-1970
Materials on the criminal justice system in Maryland.


D'Alesandro, Thomas J. Jr. (TJD)
63 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1927-1969
Correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, speeches, publications, artifacts covering Thomas J. D'Alesandro, Jr.'s years serving as U. S. Representative and Mayor of Baltimore.

Denny, John F., Inc. (DENNY)
10 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1848-1969 
Records of the J.F. Denny & Sons Funeral Home. Includes: expense and sales records,ledgers and indexes, photographs, journals, and history.

Donaho, John A. & Associates (DA)
7 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1950-1969
Preliminary and finished reports of the John A. Donaho & Associates consulting firm. The organization worked primarily for state, local and internationl governments

Dugan, Pierre C. & Nephew, Inc. (PCD)
81 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1873-1975 
Realty company records containing correspondence, financial and other related records.


East Baltimore Oral History (EBOH)
1 Box
Dates (Inclusive): 1997 
Oral history interviews with 13 East Baltimore residents.

Emmart Memorial Award (EMA)
12 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1974- Annual award named for the late local journalist, A.D. Emmart (1902-1973). 
The collection contains correspondence, lists of recipients, winning articles.


French Posters and Newspapers (FPN)
1 Box 
Dates (Inclusive): 1848-1849 
Newspapers and broadsides concerning the collapse of the government of Louis-Phillipe and the ensuing revolution.

Froelicher, Jr., Hans (HF)
40 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1890-1976 
Personal and working papers on his activities including: correspondence, newspaper clippings, writings, photographs, Park School, Citizens Planning and Housing Association.


Gallagher, E.J. Realty Company (EJG)
61 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1886-1964 
Correspondence, financial papers, ledger books, house cards, inventories, mortgage papers,loan applications, insurance certificate contracts, deeds, leases, newspaper clippings, deed restrictions, and photographs.

Goldseker, Morris Foundation (MGF)
58 boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1973-2009
Administrative records, correspondence and marketing material relating to grants to individuals and institutions throughout the Baltimore community.

Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC)
93 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1955-1972 
Subcommittee minutes and reports, correspondence, cartographic records, case files, federal grant applications, and special project files.

Greater Baltimore Housing Development Corporation (GBHDC)
58 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1965-1975 
By-laws, correspondence, minutes, contracts, legal papers, accounting records, cost estimates, newspaper clippings, mailing lists, membership lists, speeches, and housing plans. GBHDC was established to assist the development of low and moderate income housing in metro Baltimore.

Guilford House Plans
See: Roland Park Civic League


Health & Welfare Council of Maryland (HWC)
155 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1933-1992 
Pamphlets, reports, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and newsletters on the needs and problems associated with human services throughout Maryland.

Homeland House Plans
See: Roland Park Civic League 

Hughes, William Papers (HUG)
1 box, (19 audio and 6 video tapes)
Dates (Inclusive): 1990-2001
Personal papers relating to William Hughes’ career as a newspaper and radio commentator.


Lafayette Square Community Center (LSC)
6 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1958-1969
By-laws, constitution, reports, correspondence, minutes, and publications.

Lazarus, Esther Papers (EL)
5 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1915-1980
Dates (Bulk): 1950-1979 
Photographs, speeches, correspondence.

League of Women Voters (LWV)
79 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1922-2000 
Correspondence, administrative files, minutes, biographies, research reports, directories, publications, and reference materials related primarily to the LWV for Baltimore City.

Light Rail (LR)
8 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1965-1996 
Correspondence, publications, reports, and newspaper clippings.

Local History Research (LHR)
7 Boxes 
Research papers, videos, photographs and slides on a variety of topics focusing on Baltimore and Maryland subjects.


Maritime History of the Chesapeake Bay (MHCB)
1 Box 
50 taped interviews with specialists on various aspects of Chesapeake Bay history from the colonial period to present.

Maroger, Jacques (JM)
1 Box
Photographs, books, other printed matters.

Maryland Churches United (MCU)
9 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1971-1975 

Maryland Committee for Children (MCH)
23 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1958-1978 
Publications, press releases, correspondence, and reports.

Maryland Communication Center (MDC)
17 Boxes
Photographs, slides, video and audio tape.

Maryland Conference of Social Welfare (MCSW)
48 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1909-1976 
Minutes, general correspondence, memoranda, general reports, committee reports, case files,directories, programs, and other publications.

Maryland Council of Churches (MCC)
147 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1904-1971 
Minutes, correspondence, annual reports, studies, staff reports, juvenile court cases, maps, photographs, posters, publications, financial records.

Maryland Food Bank (MFB)
64 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1979-2005
Minutes, correspondence, reports, photographs, and financial records

Maryland Senior Citizens Hall of Fame (MSC)
13 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1987-2002
Minutes, correspondence, reports, photographs, and publications.

Maryland Sports Complex Authority (MSCA)
1 Box
Dates (Inclusive): 1972-1975
Correspondence and financial records.

Maryland State Poetry Society (MSPS)
10 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1956-1986
Correspondence, publications, and newsletters about Maryland poets and their poetry.

Maryland Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program (MVVLP)
11 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1981-1988 
Reports, newsletters, correspondence, financial records, grant applications, newspaper clippings, and press releases.

Mash Glass Negatives (MASH)
7 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1903-1908 
Photographic prints and glass negatives of scenes in and around Baltimore.

McDonald, Patricia Research Papers (PM)
13 Boxes
Dissertation research materials on women in 19th century Baltimore.

Merchants and Manufacturers Association (MMA)
6 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1904-1923 
Minutes and reports.

Midtown Academy (MID)
2 boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 2003-2004
Correspondence, memoranda and minutes relating to a public, K-8 charter school.

Miller, Mary Owings (MOM)
15 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1918-1972 
Correspondence, financial records, newspaper clippings, manuscripts, and photographs.

Model Urban Neighborhood Demonstration (MUND)
32 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1967-1974 
Policy papers, master plan, budget proposals, area socio-economic surveys, project status reports, personnel records, press releases, photographs, graphics and reference material.

Mount Royal Improvement Association (MRIA)
8 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1928 -1979 
Minutes, correspondence, newsletters, membership lists, financial records, flyers, legal briefs, newspaper clippings, maps, blueprints, and scrapbook.

Mount Washington Improvement Assocation (MWIA)
6 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1894-1996
Minutes, correspondence, Baltimore City Council ordinances, newspaper clippings, reports, legal briefs and newsletters.

Mount Washington Parent-Teacher Organization (MPTO)
1 Box
Dates (Inclusive): 1978-2002
Dates (Bulk): 1989-1993
Minutes, correspondence, financial records and newsletters.

Mount Washington Preservation Trust, Inc. (MWPT)
3 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1989-2003
Minutes, correspondence, and financial records related to a Baltimore neighborhood land trust

Movement Against Destruction (MAD)
9 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1968-1988 
Publications, minutes, correspondence, legal briefs, newspaper clippings, press releases, newsletters, brochures and reports.


National Association of Social Workers - Maryland Chapter (NASW)
80 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1927-1990 
Press releases, financial records, minutes, reports, newsletters, and library materials.

National Katyn Memorial Committee (NKMC)
10 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1990-2001
Minutes, financial records, correspondence, reports, newsletters, photographs and videos.

Negro League Oral History (NLOH)
1 Box
Dates (Inclusive): 1998
Tentative questions, transcripts, interview index, biographical information and taped interviews.

North Avenue (NA)
1 Box
Dates (Inclusive): 1985-2005
Oral histories, slides, student research papers, newspaper articles.

Northeast Community Organization (NECO)
21 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1969-1979 
Minutes, correspondence, subject files, financial records, flyers, newsletters,and photographs.

Northwood House Plans
See: Roland Park Civic League 


Orchards House Plans
See: Roland Park Civic League 

Order of the Founders & Patriots (OFP)
121 boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1896-2000
Lineage papers and administrative records.

Original Northwood Association (ONA)
10 boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1955-1995
Records, minutes, correspondence and newsletters of this constituent group of the Northwood Covenant Association


Palladi Construction Company (PCC)
7 boxes; includes 47 sets of house plans
Dates (Inclusive): 1924-1964
Plats, drawings, correspondence and accounts concerning the work of this development company, particularly in the West Hills area of Baltimore City and County.

Palmer, Nes, Cornbrooks & Partners (PL)
49 boxes and apx. 1,400 sets of drawings
Dates (Inclusive): 1907-2000
Architectural records of Edward L. Palmer, Jr., and the succeeding firms of Palmer, Lamdin and partners (1925-1952); Fisher, Nes, Campbell and partners (1952-1971); Richter, Cornbrooks and partners (1972-2000); as well as the firm continued by Nes, Campbell and partners (1972-2000).

People's Community Health Center Oral History (PCH)
1 box
Dates (Inclusive): 2011-2014
Transcripts from a UB undergraduate oral history project. 

Planned Parenthood (PP)
79 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1927-1973
Dates (Bulk): 1929-1966
Minutes, correspondence, policy papers, client social economic statistics, evaluations, status reports, fundraising, scrapbooks and reference materials.

Poe, Edgar Allan Society (POE)
24 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1923-2002 
Organizational records including meeting minutes, publications, clippings, photographs, and financial records.

Polish Heritage Association of Maryland (PHA)
8 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1974-2009
Organizational records including: bylaws, correspondence, publications, clippings, and financial records.

Porter, Alexander Gibson (AGP)
22 architectural plans of residential and commercial properties.

Post Card Project at the University of Baltimore (PPB)
4 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1900-2001
Postcards from the collection of Bert Smith, Greg Otto, Great Blacks in Wax Museum. depicting Baltimore people and places.


Reservoir Hill Oral History (RHOH)
1 box
Dates (Inclusive): 2010

Retired Teachers Association of Baltimore City, Inc. (RTB)
2 boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1988-2010
Minutes, memoranda, and correspondence.

Rich, Giles Sutherland (GSR)
6 boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1950-1987
Dates (Bulk): 1953-1977
Draft legislation, correspondence, and supporting documents dealing with design protection law.

Risteau, Mary (MR)
1 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1920-1970 
Articles, newspaper clippings, publications, correspondence.

Robinson, Jo Ann and Gertrude Williams (GW)
14 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1970-2009
Reports, correspondence, clippings, interview tapes, transcripts, photographs.

Roland Park Civic League (RPCL)
57 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1903-1959
Minutes, ledgers, blueprints, correspondence, membership cards, financial records and houseplans for the communities of: Roland Park, Guilford, Homeland, the Orchards, and Northwood.

Roland Run Valley House Plans
See: Roland Park Civic League  


Samuel Ready Scholarships, Inc. (SSI)
8 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1977-2000 
Minutes, correspondence, reports, student files, and publications.

Samuel Ready School (SRS)
42 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1864-1977 
Minutes, correspondence, reports, student and teacher files, publications, photographs and newspaper clippings.

Schaefer Political Cartoons (SPC)
3 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1972-1992 
Original pen and ink drawings covering William Donald Schaefer's years as Mayor of Baltimore and Governor of Maryland.

Schafran, Conrad - Jazz Plus (CSJ) 
Approximately 8,000 jazz, blues, rock, folk, show tunes. recordings.

Schmoke, Kurt L. (KLS)
15 boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1990-1997
Photographs taken by Robert Breck Chapman.

Seidenberg, Roderic/Dwight, Mabel (RS)
6 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1917-1974 
Correspondence, personal files, news clippings, publications, short stories, and manuscripts.

Shivers, Frank R. Research Collection (FRS)
8 boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1977-2002
Research materials used for writing his books on Baltimore history and architecture.

Society of Colonial Wars - General (SCW)
162 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1892 -2006 
Minutes, by laws, yearbooks, membership applications, and publications for the General Society and individual State Societies.

Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Maryland (MDSCW)
28 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1893 -2000 
Minutes, speeches, obituaries, membership applications, colonial court records, and publications.

Society of the War of 1812 in the State of Maryland (SWE)
30 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1889-2000 
Newsletters, correspondence, publications, and membership papers.

Sondheim, Walter, Jr. (WS)
6 Boxes (Inclusive): 1942-1994
Correspondence, photographs, reports, publications, newspaper clippings.

Sons of the American Revolution in the State of Maryland (SAR)
39 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1889-2001
Minutes, correspondence, by-laws, membership applications, quarterly and annual reports,photographs, newspaper clippings, and publications.

Sons of Union Veterans, U.S.A. - Maryland Division (SOV)
12 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1886-1916 
Minutes, correspondence, flyers, by-laws, membership applications, quarterly and annual reports. This organization was formed by male descendants of Civil War Veterans.

Southeast Community Organization (SECO)
5 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1972-1996 
Articles of Incorporation, minutes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs,annual reports, financial records and publications.

Southeast Council Against the Road (SCAR)
8 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1959-1992
Articles of Incorporation, by-laws, correspondence, minutes, reports, publications, photographs, and clippings.

Southeast Development, Incorporated (SDI)
2 boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1977-1987
Records of development company which was an outgrowth of the Southeast Community Organization.

Spatz, H. Donald Papers (HDS)
11 boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1960-1969
Photographs and transcripts of radio commentaries on WBAL-AM Radio.

Station North Oral History (SNOH)
10 interviews
Dates (Inclusive): 2012-2013
Audio interviews, interview transcripts, and photographs of interviewees.

Stone Hill in Hampden (SHH)
8 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1988-1993 
Oral interviews with long-time residents of Hampden who reside in the stone houses known as Stone Hill. The collection includes taped interviews and text excerpts.


Tenants Union Group (TUG)
4 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1910-1975 
Posters, scrapbook, vacant house surveys, correspondence, rent control literature, and complaint sheets.


United Fund (UF)
25 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1927-1949 
30 oversized scrapbooks of clippings.

University Archives (UB)
148 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1925-2011 
Minutes, correspondence, financial and administrative records, yearbooks and other publications, newspaper clippings, construction and renovation records, photographs.

Urban Renewal Files Collection (URF)
1 Box 
Dates (Inclusive): 1960s 
Correspondence, publications, newspaper clippings, speeches.


Waterfront Coalition (WC)
8 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1986-2004
Correspondence, reports, plans, clippings, minutes, and publications.

Waxter, Thomas J. S., Jr. (WAXTER)
8 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1929-1976 
Correspondence, files, reports, publications, and notes.

Weaver, John V. A. (WEAVER)
1 Box
Dates (Inclusive): circa 1920-1932
Transcripts of manuscripts, plays and poems.

WJZ-TV (Television station: Baltimore, Md.) Collection (WJZ)
Dates (Inclusive): 1966-2000 
News footage and local programing. Over 20,000 items.

Wickwire, Chester L. Collection (CLW)
22 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1886-1985
Correspondence, brochures, clippings, photographs, articles, reports.

WMAR-TV (Television station: Baltimore, Md.) Collection (WMAR)
Dates (Inclusive): 1948-1987 
Raw news footage and special programs from this local television station. Over 6,000,000 feet of film and videotape.

Woodbridge Valley Improvement & Civic Association, Inc. (WVI)
9 Boxes
Dates (Inclusive): 1970-2000
Minutes, contracts and agreements, newsletters, directories, photographs, case files, correspondence, reports, by-laws and rosters.


Young Men's Christian Association of Central Maryland (YMCA)
80 Boxes 
Dates (Inclusive): 1835-1976 
Annual reports, minutes, correspondence, membership books, financial records, newspaper clippings, photographs, and publications.