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Special Collections and Archives works to collect, preserve, and provide access to archival materials in all formats to support the research needs of students, scholars, and the public. Collecting areas include the Baltimore Regional Studies Archives, University Archives, and Hereditary and Lineage Organization Archives. 

Aiden Faust

Aiden Faust
Head of Special Collections and Archives
Office: LC 202D

General Contact Information    
Research Room Desk
Learning Commons (LC)
Room 215 410-837-4253
Name Office Email Phone
Laura Bell
LC 202E 410-837-5470
Angela Koukoui
 Archives Technician
LC 202A 410-837-4268
John Mealey
 GSCW Executive Director

LC 202C 410-837-4266
Fatemeh Rezaei

LC 202B 410-837-5047